Wednesday, 1 December 2021


 Today’s post is going to be a bit of a non event.  I had a bit of a lazy morning yesterday with a long chat with my brother in Australia, then my daughter came to visit and during her visit my sister telephoned.  Her old dog (16), Carly was not well and she had an appointment at the vets.  Carly had already been to the Vets a few days ago and the treatment was not working, so my sister guessed the outcome.  I met her outside the vets to offer support and we went in together.  As expected very upsetting and I followed her home and had a couple cups of tea. Then I went home with a knitted blanket, a table cloth and a dog blanket because she was having a clear out!  My husband took one look and said “More rubbish!”.  Then I had to repair my granddaughter’s school trousers as she had fallen and caused a hole- I did offer, my daughter’s sewing is worse than mine and mine is not brilliant, but I thought it looked fairly neat - no way I am showing a photograph!  Then it was bedtime!

Linking up at Julia’s Stamping Ground and off to visit all the other happy deskers!  I have had a few failed attempts using the envelopes I had tea-dyed, everything looked so crumpled! So I have decided to bin those and go with fresh envelopes.

Eagle eyed visitors might note the resemblance between this picture and two weeks ago!

Wednesday, 24 November 2021


 Welcome to Crafting With Jack and What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday. Yesterday I had a very lucky escape, but more about that later!  The weather is definitely getting colder and next week is December!  I think I have one Christmas card left to make for my husband.   I don’t like big cards, I mostly make 6 x 6.  Occasionally I will use an 8 x 8 as I did for my husbands card, I needed the extra room.

I bought a couple of Christmas sets from Hunkydory, possibly last year.  With the sets come several sheets of card that you can often make a card with by themselves. After the tower cards of the previous weeks, I made my cards using those sets.

Now for my desk.  I know you are used to seeing it messy, I mean busy :)  

Now remember I said I had a lucky escape?  Well after putting all my Christmas cards in the Christmas card box, I put the box on the floor while I went in search of some envelopes.  When I returned I found Jack had been sick and has just missed my Christmas cards!  What a lucky escape!  Anyway the carpet had to be washed so everything had to be picked up off the floor and onto my desk.   The purple box you see contains Christmas stuff which is usually on the top shelf and most everything surrounding it is Christmas stuff.  I have two A4 storage boxes as well as the purple one. 

What a nice clean floor!

The grandchildren have decided against making cards, well actually they were not allowed to give out last years so I think they still have them.  Three of the grandchildren make a card for everyone in their class so normally a total of at least 90 cards get made.  I am guessing they have gone off the idea completely so that will save me some money.

I am off to have a look at all the desks on offer this morning.  Linking up at Julia's Stamping Ground.

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

WOYWW 650 Tower cards

 Welcome to Crafting With Jack and another What's On your Workdesk Wednesday.   What have I been up to craft wise?  Tower cards!  I had seen several at my friend Angela's blog and thought I would have a go.

My first ones were tricky!  The template I downloaded was small and 1 enlarged it till they were 4 1/3 inches tall,  this was still quite small.  I constructed the "tower unit" and added flaps first and then struggled with adding everything else.  Some of the flaps were a bit wonky too, so I trimmed the edges.   Although the results were okay I thought I had made a mess with the making of it.  I looked for a tutorial and found one at PattyStamps .  She didn't make the whole structure first just the tower with it's first flap.  Then she used paperclips to pin the other flaps in place and also to pin her chosen images in place.  Each flap was made up before adhering to tower.    Angela also gave me some great advice about flattening the layers.  The whole process became so much easier.

My second set, the fabulous images came from wrapping paper - expensive wrapping paper, but still wrapping paper!

My third set, here I used washi tapes stuck on paper for the narrow sides and some small pictures that I had had for years layered on patterned paper.

At last we get to my desk which is littered with Christmas makings and another 4 tower cards about to be started.  My husband asked if I needed to get everything out.  I replied how else would I know what I've got!

This is our bird house looking like Fort Knox!  My husband had tried putting another layer of wood around, but the pigeon still got in.  I suggested the dowelling.  He wouldn't give up for ages, but he couldn't get in and all the garden birds can.  I don't have anything against him and his mate, but they kept coming and eating the food and then just sitting there, scaring the other birds away.

My garden backs onto the primary school grounds.  Behind our garden they have created a wellness/mindfulness garden.  The children had fun painting the pallets - you should have seen the mess my grand daughter got into!  I am not sure what the lessons entail, but the children are quite quiet in there.

Linking up at Julia's Stamping Ground and then off for a visit to the other deskers.

Wednesday, 10 November 2021



Welcome to Crafting With Jack and What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.    I have arranged my desk to show all I have been up to!  Ignore the Gesso containers on the left and right which are stopping everything falling over.    I finished the signatures for two journals (left) and I have been working on the covers (right).  In the centre are two red covers I made yesterday morning for the envelopes that are on top.  I mucked up the measurements and they were too small, so yesterday afternoon I made two black covers which are hiding under the cast iron weight in the middle.  These are for a Christmas journal.  This time I am trying an accordion open spine.

These cards are part of an unfinished prayer book I made quite a while ago.  It didn't need much finishing, but when I looked at I saw these lines had appeared on most of the pages.  If I remember rightly I used double sided Sellotape.  None of the  other double sided tape I have used has made these marks.  I have two options, start again or take off the affected pieces and replace them.  I am not sure how well the pieces will come off, but if I just cover over them those marks may come through.

Monday I was in Llandudno hospital having a drug transfusion, I wore my new Christmas jumper to keep my spirits up :)  Today we are going out with my daughter who is still not well, she is having some tests done in a couple of weeks - everything takes time!!  It's her birthday and I think she just wanted to go out somewhere.

Linking up at Julia's Stamping Ground.  Come and check out the group and perhaps join in.

Wednesday, 3 November 2021


 Happy Wednesday!  Welcome to Crafting With Jack, it's another What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, when a group of us get together to share our desks and what we are working on.   We all link up at Julia's Stamping Ground, come and have a look!

The picture at the top is a cross stitch design I did about 15 years ago when my in-laws had a house in Spain.  We have just come back from a few days with my in-laws and to my surprise the picture was on the wall in the bedroom we sleep in.  It took me several minutes of looking at it to realize I had done it!  Of course I immediately started to think how I could improve on the design.  It's like seeing the first card you made or the first painting.

This is last night's desk!  You might think it's a game of "Spot the Difference" from last week's picture, but I assure you it is different.  I am choosing pages for 3 journals, 2 are almost the same size, the 3rd one a bit smaller.  I made a pile of all the available papers, most of them are A4 or slightly bigger and are not big enough for the first 2 journals.  I am mainly using book pages and music book pages.

My husband cut sections out of the spine of several books and I have started with the 3 largest.

I have made some collage pages and above are 2 sets of diagonal pocket pages.  Having learnt from the first one I made I am doing the sewing first!

Friday, 29 October 2021

Christmas Challenge Gecko Galz


With the free image from Gecko Galz for the October Christmas Challenge I made a page for the Christmas journal I am doing this year.

Cat Lover's Hop Day 5


This is for day 5 of the Cat Lover's Hop at Her Peaceful Garden.

Isn't she a beautiful lady cat.  I used the same background as yesterday's card.  The cat image was from a Tuck card, she was already holding flowers but they couldn't be seen once I had cut the circle, so I added a few more flowers.  

I wrote a poem for one of the daily games:

Kitty cat, Kitty cat where have you gone?

I am looking out, searching the night,

A flash of movement, into the kitchen I run,

Your supper is ready, you gave me such a fright.

Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Cat lover's Hop Day 4


I took this sweet vintage kitten and a gave her a new background.

This is for day 4 of the Cat Lover's Hop at Her Peaceful Garden and also at Ike's Show us Your Pussycats.

Halloween Ghost picture


I did this one a couple of years ago and decided to update it.  I added a frame, a vintage texture and as you can see the ghosts and bats are coming out of the picture.  I also changed the ghosts faces.

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WOYWW 647 and Cat Lover's Hop Day 3


The above image is my entry for the Cat Lover's Hop 2021, I started with the image below and basically worked on it till I was happy. 

 Unfortunately I made a mistake and didn't notice so I made more work for myself to undo it.  My other two cat entries are here and here.

Wishing you all a happy What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, as usual I am linking up with the happy group over at Julia's Stamping Ground.

My desk this week is a very busy one; I have been sorting some pages for another three journals!  I made 4 pockets using some wrapping paper covered with paper napkin- picture above.    You will probably think this is mad, but it works for me.  I dip the glue stick in water and cover as much are as I can, then I as the glue stick gets dryer, I go around the edges, check there are no missed spots and lay the napkin down.  It is vital there is no glue on your hands or you will stick to the napkin.  On the desk at the moment is a double pocket page that I am working on.  I think it should work out (I hope)

Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Cat Lover's Hop 2021 Day 2

Day 2 of the Cat Lover' Hop, join in at Her Peaceful Garden. I am also entering this at Ike's Show Us your Pussycats.


Cat Lovers Hop 2021 Day 1


Day one of the Cat Lover's Hop. join in at Her Peaceful Garden.

I am also entering this at Ike's Show us your Pussycats.

Halloween Washi Tape


I decided to make some washi tape using some vintage images.  These are inch wide strips which I need to make smaller as the size didn't quite work out for my journal.

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