Friday, 27 March 2020

Art homework

Welcome to Crafting With Jack. This is my second day of spending a few hours in the garden reading, today was not as warm as yesterday when I actually took my jumper off!  It is a very worrying time for everyone these days and sunshine lifts all our moods.  

As you probably know the children are off school and have been given homework by their teachers.  Part of my grand daughter's art homework is to draw 30 different 5 x 5 cm pictures following a list of prompts.  I decided to have a go myself:

I did the house and the flower below using pencil crayons , the weird creature using promarkers on the textured side, the view through the window and the buttercups (something yellow) on the smooth side.  The smooth side was much better with the pencils.  I am not sure what type this paper is, it has a ribbed texture which I haven't seen in a watercolour paper, but I am not an expert.

I created a new signature today too :) Love Angela

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

WOYWW 564 and getting "slammed"

We are living in a crazy world that seems to be getting crazier by the minute.  I hope and pray that your family are not part of a growing number of Coronavirus sufferer's.  Some people seem to be having a hard time taking on board the latest measures to stay at home.  We made the decision to stay at home last Monday on the insistence of my daughter in law and my sister.  It is hard and I long to see them and give them hugs, but it seemed the sensible thing to do with my health.  Now, of course, everybody is being urged to stay at home.

Today is What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  Our host is Julia over at The Stamping Ground, so if you want have a peek at other desks, pop over there and click on the names of those joining in.

My daughter has just had a huge upset as a victim of "slamming", apparently that is what it is called when another provider asks for your account to be changed to them without permission.  The first thing my daughter had was an email from Sky telling her she had to pay for her Sky box and the remainder of her contract.  She contacted Sky immediately and was told there was nothing they could do, they have to comply with a request to change providers.  She phoned me and I told to speak to a supervisor and keep insisting.  Finally she got through to someone who dealt with it.  So if you get "slammed" contact your provider straight away, they can transfer you back, but do it as soon as you can.

Now my workdesk:

There was a lot of paper left after my Father's things had been sorted.  My sister had kept it in her garage for a while and when I went to pick it up it had a damp smell to it.  I put it in the spare bedroom, spread out and today I decided to use it.  It no longer smells :)  There is a variety of paper, some I am sure is watercolour, some I am not sure about and there is a packet of primed oil painting paper.  I am hoping the Oil painting paper can be used for acrylics, apparently it depends on what primer was used.  The stuff I am not sure about I cut a strip off to try with various mediums.

I have done a fair bit of die cutting this week, just basically using up some paper.  I have also been in garden, enjoying the sunshine.  The violets are now in flower.

Annie was outside with me and found a comfy perch:

I have just one question:  Does anybody know where the spell check has disappeared to in Blogger?  Well that's all from me, thank you for visiting, stay safe x Angela.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020


It's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!  As usual our host is Julia over at The Stamping Ground who has been painting eggs!

Not a lot of activity on my desk this week.  I have been sorting out some papers and a bought a few things.

I bought a stationery set and an electric pencil sharpener from Lidl.  The stationery set has a revolving stamp which I thought was interesting, washi tape and other things which will be useful in my journal.

This is the photograph album I made for my grandson.  I have been typing most of today and yesterday for my neighbour, so I am late posting this.  Thank you for visiting, don't forget to say Hello , Angela x

Wednesday, 4 March 2020


Welcome to What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, the time when a group of us link up at out host Julia at The Stamping Ground to show what we are working on at the moment.  For me, not so much, as I have been a little poorly for the last two weeks.  We went to my best friend's mother in law's funeral two weeks ago and combined it with a week at my husbands parents as they were two hours closer to where the funeral was taking place.  On the way back I had the distinct beginnings of a cold!  Two days in bed and it has been an off and on illness since.  Today not so bad, thankfully.  Anyway here is my workdesk :

Not much going on in there, although I have had a tidy up and sort out.  I had some lovely decorative plates given me for Christmas and I need to get some plate stands, so they are still sitting there.  There are a couple of magazines waiting to be read and a couple of journals waiting to be used.  I came up with an album book design, similar to an earlier one I designed here, but simpler.

With this design you simple start with the size you want the book to be, add half an inch on three sides and one inch on the spine side.  I made templates in several sizes.  The method is similar to an envelope album, I will add a tutorial later for anyone interested.  I wanted to use up paper that I didn't care for, so with this in mind, I wanted the back (white side) to show.  The one on the bottom left was made with some Hunkydory paper and it cracked when scored so I added the white piece inbetween pages to strengthen the join.
As the paper I used was thin-ish, the half inch flaps give a nice edge.

That's all from me today, thanks for calling and don't forget to say hello , Angela x

Wednesday, 12 February 2020


Today  is "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday", a time for sharing what we are working on at the moment.  Our host is Julia over at The Stamping Ground where we link up.  Above is my workdesk.  I have a stack of 12 x 12 papers on one side, which I have been sorting through to find pages I don't like!  On the other side is a bullet journal I bought at Aldi for £2.99.  I bought it to keep a daily record of my health, diet, mood etc.    I have had a few weeks now of being tired, headachey and a little down.  My husband has said frequently I should keep a food diary (so why haven't I started yet?)

Of course anybody that's ever had a puppy knows they can be tiring, but she is just wonderful :)  You can see her in the top corner of this photograph, which is where I sit surrounded by stuff!  Her second jumper is turning out a big improvement on the first and I have just got to finish the band under her tummy.  I have a book there about the Railway Detective, written by Edward Marston.  Both my husband and I love these books, set in the time when railways were a new mode of transport.  

Finally I am working on a new design for a journal/album, which takes us back to my comment above about looking for pages I didn't like.  The pages I chose all had white backs which made them ideal for my base,  I hate to waste nice paper when I am experimenting. More of that to come.

Finally, finally!  I have been outside with Dolly three times since starting this.  Back in the summer one of my small blue tortoises went missing from around my pond, aided and abetted by one of the grandchildren I suspect.  Since my husband sorted out the plants the other week, I have been trying to find it, the water is so cold I can't keep my hand in it for long, but I have just found it, muddy but whole!  It is the small things that keep us happy:)

Thank you for visiting, Love Angela

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

WOYWW 557 and Prayer journal

It's another Wednesday which means it's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  As usual I am linking up to The Stamping Ground where Julia is the hostess for WOYWW.   I am using the dining table as you can see.  I have been trying to make a coat/jumper for Dolly.  I saw a You Tube video which showed how to get the measurements - a tricky thing with a lively puppy!  The coat on the table and in the picture below, is my third attempt.  The grey jumper is for my next coat for her.  My first attempt was to just get an idea of where the legs would go, my second attempt was great, until I sewed the edges and then it was too tight!  With my third attempt I crocheted the edges with a fluffy red wool and didn't like it, so I unpicked that and went for a matching colour.  The neck part is too wide so I need to tighten that up.

I am thinking of making one with a lining of fleecy material, but I would like to get this right first.  I know I am doing something wrong with the leg holes, as they seem to be twice as big after I have edged them :(

Next I am showing my pages in my Prayer Journal, some of the vintage images came from Tuck cards which I have altered to fit my cards, all the rest are my designs.

Thank you for visiting, love Angela

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

WOYWW 556, Prayer Journal, free Rose card

Welcome to WOYWW, or What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, the day of the week we take a look at what other people have been up to.  Our host is Julia at the Stamping Ground.  Read her post for yesterday about her holiday to Lanzarote, I quite enjoyed reading it.

Free for personal use -2.5 x 3 inches.

Since my work desk is not in use at the moment, I thought I would show you what I have been working on, on the laptop.  Having looked through all my stash and not finding anything I was happy with for my prayer journal, I decided to make some small cards.  The first one is above and then I decided to get a little more creative.

These are still a work in progress.  This is an A4 sheet, they are 2.5 x 2.5 inches. I do like the ones with roses, I am not sure about the red flowers.  I hope to print them off later today.

Here are 3 prayer card pages and the back inside cover.  We are nearly at the end of January, my grand daughter, Kathryn's birthday is tomorrow, so a card to make before the end of the day.   Thank you for visiting, love Angela x