Friday, 19 August 2016

Rocking Horses and Clock

Remember me showing you a photograph of a rocking horse in a shop window?  Well here is the photograph to remind you and what I did with it :)

I just love playing about with a photograph to see what I can make with it.  Today I have been working on a photograph of a clock.

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Free on Friday 19 August 2016

Hello and welcome to Free on Friday.  It's been a rainy day here although the sun came out briefly, I had planned a trip out, but we are going tomorrow.  Although craft shops tend to be warm and dry I have to think about my husband waiting outside :)

I have some more Victorian ladies - although they may be Edwardian, what do you think?

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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Psychedelic Pigeons

One final post today :)  I took a photograph of two lovey-dovey pigeons last year.  They were a bit far away from me to get a really good shot, but I had some fun in P.S.E. and gave them a psychedelic look!  You are welcome to use them if you like them!

I have spent a lot of time today working on this picture, but not quite ready to show you yet!

It was actually taken through a shop window, so as photographs go not brilliant, but wait till you see what I have done :)  (Can you tell I must be happy with them)

More Scripture cards

I have made some more Scripture cards with the little card backgrounds I made.  I decided to use some gold stickers that I had used a blackmarker on.  The stickers did not want to stick to the surface so I took them off and some looked great, some not so great as the markers I used had seeped underneath.  I used some of the stickers on paper as stencils and then cut the flowers out leaving a little white edge.  I really like this effect, unfortunately the "permanent" black markers seemed to be reactivated when I used colouring pens and so some were discarded because of the colour mixing.  Lesson learnt!

I have shown the cards "before and after" as I changed some of the first ones I did.  One of the bottom row contains a sunflower over a gold area.  I took off a rose sticker and the marker had seeped underneath leaving a mess, so I spread the gold marker over the area and placed the sticker on top.

I think I prefer the before!

Below are the new ones.

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Free on Friday- on Saturday

Welcome to what should have been "Free on Friday", but thanks to the Internet connection is now "Free on Saturday".  I just don't understand how you can be "connected" and still have no Internet!  Today I am sitting outside a fruit and vegetable shop posting this and the fruit smells lovely :)  It is overcast today and a little windy.  The dogs have been for their walk and are sleeping peacefully keeping my husband company while he watches sport.

Edwina asked if I had some Victorian ladies.  I bought several CDs some time ago with lots of pictures on, but unfortunately none of them were really a good printing quality.  Each one has been edited by me and I hope you will be able to use them in your crafting.  Please remember not to share, but to direct people here for a copy.

Now I am not sure if all of these "Victorian" ladies are actually Victorian so if you think they are more Edwardian do let me know and I can change their file names.

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Friday, 5 August 2016

Scripture cards - new method

The other day I had an email from advertising a particular book.  They gave an example from the book on how to create without over thinking. 

The method involves using a untidy pile of cards - not arranged athough sometimes you need to pull them out a little if they are totally covered by other cards.  The cards can be any size.  I used some small cards that are a little smaller than playing cards, you could use 6 x 4 or larger. 

 You first need to gesso the cards - just brush it on!  I also added a layer of gesso mixed with paper paste.  When this was dry I piled up my cards, pulling some out and then the fun began :)

I used Yellow, Orange and Blue Fabric sprays, not trying to spray individual cards, but the are as a whole.  I didn't care for how the colours turned out so I gave the cards another layer of gesso and paper paste mix.  This muted the colours and when dry I used two more sprays.

First sprays

Second sprays

Putting the cards back into an untidy pile, I used two purple colours, one light and one dark.  I did blot some areas where the paint had puddled - I can't seem to get an even spray with these fabric paint sprays.

Next came stamping, the idea is to stamp all over the pile of cards in a random manner.  I used a new black ink with a doily stamp, but it didn't seem to be making a clear impression.  So I inked up my stamp and just pressed individual cards onto the stamp in a fairly random fashion.

Next was stencilling.  I used a mixed media stencil with several individual areas.  I chose not to do this in a pile because a) it is a bit fiddly and b) I wanted to place the stencil where I wanted it.  I used gesso through the stencil.

Once dry I had numerous (if small) backgrounds.  I had already planned to do some scripture cards with some, but I had an idea of making "business" cards with them.  I often give people my email address and I never remember my mobile number if asked for it, so I thought I could print some stickers for the back with my information on.  I plan to keep these cards in my handbag. Slightly smaller than ATC, scripture one side, my info the other.

Free on Friday 5 August 2016

Hello and welcome to Free on Friday.  We are in the first week of August already.  I do hope you are enjoying some good weather where ever you are.  My daughter's dog is expecting puppies - I just love puppies, my dear husband says no more for us!  My daughter had to say goodbye to her oldest dog at the beginning of the week, I know those of you who have been through it will know the anguish involved.  I read somewhere that we don't own any person or animal.  They are ours to care for and to love, sometimes for a short time, sometimes for a long time, then we have to give them back to God.

Onto today's freebies, these are from a book called The Bird Children by Elizabeth Gordon.  As with the Wild Flower Children they each have a little rhyme.  I hope you are going to enjoy this series too.