Friday, 10 August 2018

Free on Friday 10 August 2018

Hello and welcome to another Free on Friday here at Crafting With Jack, I have another little girl in a bonnet for you.  I was hoping to show you my new junk journals, but they are still a work in progress.  I thought I had enough to fill them, but I am having to prepare quite a few more pages.  Here is your Friday freebie:

Have a great weekend x

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Always take the scenic route

I made this card for the Outlawz Twisted Thursday Challenge, the theme is vacation/travel.  I used some space icons that I got free, but I am afraid I can't remember from where.  I used one of my mixed media sheets to create texture first over the icons and then the background.  

Last of the ABC Bible verses

I finally finished my ABC of Bible verses,  I used Examine for X, I knew that one would be hard to find and I also used several different versions to get the first word to begin with the right letter.

The green and the blue background ones were done with alcohol inks, it remind me of encaustic art.

Till next time, take care x

Friday, 3 August 2018

Free on Friday 3rd August 2018

A warm welcome to another Free on Friday.  August has arrived and with it the wasps!  Ever since I got stung when I was about ten, I have had a fear of wasps.  Although my mother had told me if I kept still they wouldn't hurt me, this particular wasp had not listened to my mother.  It stung me twice for good measure.  August is the month they seem to be around the most.  Do you have anything that frightens you?

I told myself some time ago to stop collecting vintage pictures, but I didn't listen either!  I have just got a large collection of Tuck Vintage scrap sets: tanks; planes; RAF; ships; sailors; the coronation; dogs; cats ; clowns and more.  Let me know if you fancy any of these. This one is from the coronation.  

I have another little girl in a bonnet for you as well.  The little girl has her face turned up, waiting for the bird to bring her a message.

I hope you like this weeks selection, have a great weekend x

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Book covers - possibly!

Hello to all of my followers, hope your week is going well.  I have a warning to all those who use a heat gun - watch out for your carpets!  I did something extremely silly yesterday, I gave my picture a blast with my heat tool and melted the carpet.  Every time I look at it I feel ashamed.  Being the carpet is in the bathroom of our caravan I get to feel ashamed a lot!  It put me off crafting for the rest of the day.  There were lots of things I could have and should have done - but I didn't. :(

Today I have been extra careful.  I have been making covers for a Junk album and have used layers of book pages, napkins etc to make the covers thicker.  I didn't have any thick cardboard in the caravan so I have building up the layers and letting them dry.  here are the finished pictures.  I decided the first one was a bit dark so I made the second lighter and I like it much better.  Trouble is there is quite a difference and I am wondering if I should make another one, does it matter do you think?  You don't get to see them side by side after all.

I have entered both pictures in the Twisted Thursday challenge at the Outlawz.  Twisted Thursday Challenge is always anything goes and this week the twist is also anything goes.  There are lots of challenges over at The Outlawz so pop over and see what there is.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Free on Friday 27th July 2018

A warm welcome to another Free on Friday - would you believe I thought it was Thursday today?  It's not that I didn't believe my husband when he told me it was Friday, but I just checked on my Ipad to make sure :)  I have something a bit different for you today.  This is a Tuck Card and I have given you in its original state, without the words and in a little digital stamp.   I do hope you enjoy this little lady, do let me know x

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Ride 'em Cowboy3

This is my third cowboy card and I am entering this one in the Outlaws Festive Friday challenge.  Details how I made this card are here.

This is the original image from

I hope you liked my cowboy cards, I was really pleased with them - and even my husband liked them :)  Thank you for stopping by.