Tuesday, 19 June 2018

CraftStash free delivery and double loyalty points.

Have you tried CraftStash yet?  They have a special offer for Thursday this week - Free Delivery and double loyalty points -  I am already making a list :)

ABC Bible verse Index cards

These are B, C, D, E, of my ABC Bible verses on Index cards which takes me up to date :)

Not quite happy with this so I added a napkin layer.

This one has a last layer of paper napkin too.

I have decided I prefer a blue marker for the writing.  Have you tried using paper napkins in your art/craft work yet.  I love them, they are so easy to use either in small pieces like the butterfly in the middle of this one or covering the whole card.  See you soon x

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Free flower card and more index cards, 14,15,16

Hello, I have three more index cards to show you, the middle one is a watercolour that I did with some rose quotes around it.

Ancient of Days is a title given  to both God in the Old Testament and Jesus in Revelations.   Anita is doing a Bible ABC of cards and I thought I would join in with her.  Ancient of Days is my first one (A).  Here is a free flower card for you in two versions.

Bye for now x

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Index cards both happy and unhappy

I wish everything I created made me happy, but it doesn't, some things I try work, some things don't.  If they don't there is always gesso, but not when you are working with index cards, they are a little flimsy to cope with too much wetness.  The following four are my "happy" ones, I am particularly happy with 3 and 4.  I know my African lady has a few flaws, but I really like her.

These are my unhappy ones, I think I got the colours wrong in the first one, although I did have some fun with it in PSE which made me happy :)  -- last image.  The second one was a collage that went decidedly wrong, because I used water colour wax crayons, my sharpie's didn't want to write -- lesson learnt there.  :)

So that's me up to date with the Index card challenge - have you started yet?

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Free Flower cards

Welcome to Crafting With Jack, today I have some more flower cards for you, one has a vintage mix.  do let me know which style you prefer.

As usual these are for your personal use only.  Thank you for visiting, don't forget to leave me a little love when you leave :) x

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Index cards 5 and 6

I completed two Index cards today, I started them off yesterday and finished them this morning.  I have been following Mixed Media Morsels tutorials so I started these with a layer of tissue paper.  Not having any tissue paper I used a sewing pattern, so there was some lines and wording on it.  You simple paint a background, let it dry, then add glue and loosely lay the tissue paper on it. Using your finger to gently increase the folds.

That was that bit done, but I do like to keep going until I'm happy!
On one card I did a background by doodling with a pencil and then filling in the shapes with watercolour.  It was Okay but.....  So then I put a layer of tissue paper over it, ran an ink pad over it, still not happy, I thought I could see a fish in there.  I painted a dark blue around the fish "shape" - ugh!  (no picture for that) I noticed the tissue paper had lifted along the side so I ripped it off, leaving my original coloured-in background - actually I was amazed it came off cleanly.

I added another layer of tissue pattern paper then I added a layer of paper napkin.  These mice are so adorable :)  Finally I added white to the mice and the daisies, a little bit of outlining and - Happiness :)

I am going to post my mice card at the Outlawz Twisted Thursday challenge (anything goes)

Keep on crafting :)

Monday, 4 June 2018

Index cards 3 and 4

These are my Index cards 3 and 4.  Initially I used felt tip pens to do the flowers and curly leaves, but I have learnt that I don't like using Felt tip pens :)  I bought the pack to keep in my handbag for colouring in, but while they are fine for doing single lines, I don't like them for colouring.  I used a little gesso on the flowers, then redid them with watercolours.

I used a paper napkin first, then I used watercolours.  You can see the texture from the napkin.  Finally adding the butterfly.

If you are joining in the creativity, do let me know and I will come and visit your blog x