It's Wednesday! So it's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, when a group of crafters get together to share what they are working on and in some cases show a tidy desk!

I made a background and took a couple of days deciding on my foreground, debating on turtles, seahorses or jellyfish!  Then I created a seahorse outline and cut several out, layering them to make them thicker.

I decided to use some Pebeo Moon paints that I had had for a couple of years without using.  I puddled areas together and the results were amazing.  Having made them I decided my background wouldn't do and created the background below.  The bottom is too bright so I shall be continuing with this tomorrow.  

Meanwhile below is my finished Owl.

I have been doing a little sorting on my computer and came across the image below.  It is from a vintage book cover.  I do love horses so that's probably why I kept it.

This is the result so far.  It isn't for anything particular, I just enjoyed playing with the design.

That's all from me this week, I am sorry I didn't get round to everybody last week, I will try and do better today x   Oops! nearly forgot to remind you to see everyone's desks, join us at Julia's blog Stamping Ground

Quick update- on midwife duties for my daughter‘s dog this morning.
4 puppies x

Owl Double Page


I finished my mixed media Owl Double page with a lot of stencilling and some butterflies.  Quick tidy up and on to the next project - which just might be another owl :)



Welcome to Crafting With Jack and the 607th What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  The day when a group of us get together and show off our desks.  1 am in the middle of an art course with Kasia.  One of the subjects discussed was having your art kit to hand.  Also if things are more accessible, you are more likely to use them.  So I had another look at my craft room.  I started off with a serious look at my scrap stash!  Mostly sorted by colour.  I realised that some colour scraps were not getting used and also some of the scraps were thick scrapbook paper and not likely to get used in a collage.   Took out all the thick paper and all the colours I didn’t like and got it to a more usable  collection.  Then I had a look at the rest of my craft supplies, searching drawers and corners.  I was amazed to find supplies that I had bought, tucked away in various unseen places.  I can believe the amount of glue I own!   It seemed a good idea to store in the corners of my shelves, where things are out of the way, but out of sight means possibly forgotten!  I also keep boxes including cereal boxes, that might come in useful.  Since they have not been used for several years I passed the nice boxes on to my grand daughter for her bits and pieces and the cervix card went into the recycling- well some of it :). Several days of sorting, everything is more organised.

Back to WOYWW!  My photograph of my desk was taken last night.  I have been designing quirky owls using sharpies in the art journal I made.  They were meant to be quick designs, just trying a couple of ideas that I had seen on a course with Tamara Laporte.  Then I covered the pages with collage using all those colours pieces I didn’t care for and gessoed over the top.  I drew my owl using a light colour watercolour pencil.  I didn’t like the result at all.  I did expect the colour to lie on top, but when it was dry and I tried to add to it, What was there came off each time!  A quick change of plan and I got my metallic acrylics out.  While I waited for it to dry completely, I started on the next page.  I extended the blue background of the first page and added some collage.  I then covered it all with the two layer Deco Mache crackle.


Just a little update on my owl, having adding some white posca pen.

Angela x


Welcome to Crafting With Jack and another What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  As usual our host is Julia over at Stamping Ground.  In case there is someone not sure  about WOYWW.  One day a week a group of us get together to show off our crafts desks - tidy or untidy! and show what we have been up to.   On my desk are some ATC backgrounds and art prompt cards.  on the right you can see some distress stains I have been using and on the right Deco Mache crackle coats.  As it is dark outside, you can see my stag on the window.  He is a Christmas sticker decoration that I liked so much, he has been there for three years I think.

I did a short art self awareness journal course with Kasia and it included a download of art prompts.  I rather liked the idea and looked for more art prompts to download.  I found 100 here.  I decided to make some prompt cards, I think it was Effy Wild I saw make some. then I remembered my drawer of finished backgrounds and decided to use those, only when I cut them up and saw all that delicious goodness, I decided to make ATC's with them.  In the same drawer were some alcohol backgrounds that I had on photograph paper.  I decided to use two sizes of punches on those.  As you can see I made my art prompts on strips of scrapbook paper.

Last week I had made a start on my art journal cover by doing some collage.  I printed some fossil leaf images, a couple of fossil fish and some words.    I decided to tear the images rather than cutting them.  I gave both collaged pages a coat of gesso and used the Deco Mache when the gesso was dry.  I made the top coat thicker on the back page cover, this morning there wasn't much of a crackle, except in the thickest parts.  I started using the distress stains, then added my images using a liquid glue.  I forgot that the distress stain would come off with the glue!  So more distress stain and then I used some Reeves water soluble crayons.  These crayons break easily and are on the point of going in the bin!  I do have some lovely new crayons, but I gave these one more try.  After taking the image on the left I decided it was too dark I added more pale blue crayon and I used glue rather than water which worked better.  The gold in the finished image was actually there in the first, but the light was different.  I don't think it is quite finished, but I have left it to dry.  I always worry I am going to spoil it with too much work.

A close up with a teeny bit of digital work to get rid of a couple of spots.  Hope you are keeping safe and happy. 

I almost forgot to update on the Daler Rowney glaze.  They are sending me a new tub, apparently they did have a problem with one batch.  Always worth complaining when something is wrong. x



Welcome to Crafting With Jack, we are back in lockdown, but we craft on!  It's another What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, we link up as usual at Julia's Stamping Ground.   On my workdesk you can see a collage on the cover of my new art book that I made a few days ago.  I had several sheets of thin card 30 inches by 25.  these sheets had been under the bed for years.  So far I have 3 albums similar to my Halloween one, but wider, in progress and 3 art books.  I stuck two of the art books together, they are approx 10 x 7 inches, the third one is the one on the desk, which is 12 x 7 approx.

This is how I did it, you quite often see this design using an A4 sheet or a 12 x 12 sheet.

I decided to use my sharpies for the first layer, mainly to see what all the colours were like.  I covered this layer with gesso and noticed the sharpie colours still showed through.  Then I did a layer of collage. 

 I bought some Daler Rowney glaze medium about a year ago.  when I opened it last October it looked like this,  I emailed the company, but had no reply.  Yesterday I looked for a phone number and got through.  They knew the email link on the site didn't work and gave me the correct email!  They wanted a BN number which was not on the pack.  I wait for their response.  

Above my collage you can see two pots of Deco Mache crackle, top coat and bottom coat.  The top coat was far too thick to use and I have been using the bottom coat as glue.  Since I had the distilled water I added some to the top coat and one mixed used it on my collage as glue.  I am going to leave it till it's dry and see how effective it was.  That's all from me, keep well and keep safe x