Welcome to Crafting With Jack, the skies are blue (as long as I don’t look far left where there are some dark clouds!),bathe sun is shining and as I haven’t stepped outside yet, I can’t confirm the temperature:). I have been too busy getting ready for our caravan holiday, numerous calls to BT and typing for my neighbour, to do any crafting!  WOYWW members are having a swap, so that’s my next project.  As they say on The Voice programme - I am available to steal!  Which basically means I would welcome a few partners.  Having read the post before today’s WOYWW post, I see we have to add an asterisk when we link up to signify taking part.  To save this post being a total flop, I have two vintage images to give away this week.  

I have had to reduce the size of these images so if you would like the original size just email me using the email at the top, without the dashes of course.

WOYWW 621, collage pages and digital

 It's Wednesday, my don't the weeks fly by!  A warm welcome to Crafting With Jack and What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - except I have no workdesk to show this week.  Instead a chair where I have been doing collage and working on my laptop.  We have had some lovely days sitting in the garden, believe it or not my husband brought out a blanket as I said I was cold!

First up the collage pages, very similar to last week except using a ruler I took off all the edges and also cut the pages up.  i did all the pages in an A4 notebook.  The picture in the centre is the back of each page which I tea dyed just to give a little colour.

I did about 8-10 pages in an evening, tea dyed them the next day, left them to dry in the conservatory and then flattened them with weights.

I have also being doing some digital work editing vintage pieces.  I removed the middle section, I thought they might make nice text boxes for journals etc.

These are my collage pages which  I had some fun with on my laptop.

Not forgetting my chair in lieu of a desk!  I have my little blue bin one side and have various torn paper on both sides.

Finally one more digital piece, I removed the advertisement and added the text.  You are very welcome to this if you would like it.

Joining up with Julia's Stamping Ground as usual and off to peek at other WOYWW deskers.

WOYWW 620 and more collage pieces

 Welcome to Crafting With Jack and What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  Just in case this is your first time here - in which case I say "Hello!" - Wednesday is the day we show off our desks, be they neat and tidy or a total pickle!  then we go off and visit.  We link up at Julia's Stamping Ground so come and have a look.

Still working on collage pieces, the top two are collage book pages, the bottom two are collage strips, I have done two inch and three inch ones.  I have done several of these strips and I am finding them quite relaxing.  I watched a YouTube video  "A Twist on Making New Pages from Old Pages".  I have seen how to make "Franken" pages with patterned paper.  This idea is similar except there is a final addition of tissue/napkin to strengthen the pages as old pages can be fragile.  The top picture below is the final page.  In the video the 2nd layer with just a faint image was used or white tissue.

The bottom picture is a tube of mints, kindly opened by Dolly, who then took the wrapper and left pieces all over the place!

Finally my desk, not quite as full as last weeks!  Have a great week and thank you for visiting.

WOYWW 619 & journal challenge

Welcome to Crafting With Jack  and What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  This past week I have been busy creating, but not finishing anything.  I have been using up decopatch papers and paper napkins over music pages, crating pages for a journal.  I have also started a journal challenge for "Dear Julie Julie",  Part of the challenge is to create neutral clusters for embellishing later, it felt a bit weird only partly creating them and it felt awkward not having a plan in mind.  The photograph below is of some of the many pages this week.  Successfully using up glue and papers.

I spent a lot of time yesterday tidying and rearranging my shelves.  My son gave me another Christmas tree shelf to put my little ornaments on.  My horses were hidden before, now dusted and looking great!  It's still a little crammed -  I wonder how long before I add more to it! 

This is my desk as of last night, I did the little collages watching TV. Total mess as I sorted out and found new homes for stuff that had been on the shelves.

Finishing with a funny picture my daughter shared with me.  Wishing all you lovely deskers a great week, whether you are taking part or not!  I am off to link this up at Julia's Stamping Ground.

WOYWW 618 & Embellishments for journals

Welcome to Crafting With Jack and What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  We have been having snow!  After sitting out in the sunshine Sunday, suddenly we have cold winds and snow.   I shall be linking this post up at Julia's Stamping Ground and then looking in on all the other lovely deskers.

This past week I have been working towards some embellishments and journal pages.  This is a close up of the embellishments and below my craft room.

Another piled high desk as I pulled out different items for perusal.  Looking for stuff to use up, I made a page from strips and several pages with decopatch papers.  The orientation of the butterfly paper meant I added a strip down the middle and then ripped the paper more or less, down the middle, avoiding ripping in half any butterflies.  The orientation of the other piece was landscape, so it went straight across.  I have several packs of these decopatch papers and I think they make nice backgrounds.  I used some book pages so the text shows through although you probably can't see it in the photograph.

I printed a page of little verses and some numbers.  

My niece had a baby girl, Analia, weighing 8 lb 4 oz.  Analia is a name of Spanish/Italian origin and means grace. The baby's father is Italian.  I am looking forward to visiting once we are allowed.

Thank you for visiting and have a great week x


WOYWW 617 + new portrait


Welcome to Crafting With Jack and another What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  My finished Mystic Girl Painting, I didn't completely follow the tutorial, but you are not expected to.

Next I did some little watercolour squares. Several of our happy band of deskers have used tutorials from CeeCee on YouTube and it was next on my list after my painting.   I have noticed, in tutorials, that when people use the little pans of paint they seem to have no difficulty in getting a good quantity of useable paint.   I am not sure what make mine are, but I always have a problem with them.  I have a set of Rare Earth watercolours waiting in the wings, but I shall persevere with the ones I have for a little longer.  I did a practice sheet first and then tried out various pens.  Doing these little squares seemed quite therapeutic and I am going to try some bigger areas to draw or stamp on. 

I printed out a selection of leaves and branches that I had on my computer so I didn't have to sit there thinking "What shall I do next?".

I almost forgot to include a photograph of my desk!

I have downloaded some beautiful photographs of horses, foxes and birds from sites that allow you to of course.  I am thinking of doing a horse next although my list of the things I am doing "next" seems to grow!  I am joining up at Julia's Stamping Ground and then visiting all the lovely people in the WOYWW group.  Today was a beautiful day and we sat in the garden reading, I hope you had some sunshine today too.  My niece goes into hospital today hoping to have her baby.  She has been getting so fed up and is already 10 days late!  Praying for a safe delivery x


 Welcome to another Wednesday, another What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  Yesterday I sat outside with my husband and it felt lovely and warm.  The weather though is about to change!  This  week  I have made some ephemera, photographs 1 and 2, and finished my journal pages, 3 and 4.

For the above I used old book pages and some images in my "bird" box.  For the images below I tore narrow strips of paper and then machine stitched lace pieces on.  For the smaller piece I sewed them on horizontally.  I then cut that piece into strips and added some tiny bird pictures and pink flowers, I added another piece of torn paper behine to soften the edge. The idea being these strips are added to journal pages along one edge.  I saw both ideas on a YouTube video by Anna Milford.  Anna's were made more individually where I did the whole page.  It's funny how you think you know what to do and then you go and do it differently!

My finished journal pages, I haven't made a cover yet.  I have left space for writing and adding further pictures.

Now for my craft room view:

I am starting a new portrait with Ida Andersen.  The course costs a little under £20 a month.  Although Ida always says to use what you have, some of the colours I find hard to match, like Caput Mortuum and Caput Mortuum Violet.  I ordered the colours I needed for two of the portraits and since they have arrived I am starting.  Nearly every day for the past two weeks my husband has been asking me when I am going to start!  You can see the one I am starting with, and to the left is a little pile of other photographs from her site.  An owl, a deer and two more portraits.  I have seen a turtle one that Ida is doing as part of another group and I hope she will be adding that to her site too.  I am off to link this up at Julia's Stamping Ground and visit all the other deskers this week.  Stay safe and take care x


Welcome to Crafting With Jack, It’s What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday and I have just realised I have no photograph of my craft room to show you.  I could show you a photograph of my chair in the lounge as that is where I have been working lately.  Yesterday I designed the tickets above. It took ages to do the numbers upside down as I quickly realised you can’t just flip over numbers.  Then my dear husband informed me he didn’t think tickets had number each end!  I still have my working file so I shall probably change them! (Quick update: having looked at images of tickets the way I have done mine is done as is only one number and numbers at each end the same way up!)

Over the weekend I made some small 2 x 3 inch cards as I wanted to add some to my journal, I also designed some backgrounds for my journal which I have printed out, but not yet used.  I used some Lacey images from Pixabay.

Below some progress on my journal pages.

I am off to have a look at the other WOYWW posts and link up to Julia’s Stamping Ground.  Have a lovely day and I hope the sun is shining for you x


 Welcome to Crafting With Jack, spring is on its way here, and I can tell because we have frogspawn in the pond.  There have been several nights of serenading frogs and now the amount of frogspawn is growing!  

I have been doing a course with Ida Andersen and although I didn’t follow the course exactly here is my “Star Girl”.

I decided to sign up for her monthly course which gives you access to all her tutorials.  

Yesterday I decided to make some pages for a junk journal with some pages from The Country Diary.  They were pages without pictures and the middles were damaged getting them from the book.  I trimmed one side so I would have a new middle line.  I am finishing the pages off this morning.

My desk this morning, since I never know what I am going to need, everything comes out :)

Work in progress!  I am linking up to Julia's Stamping Ground and then off to visit everyone else's desk.  Thank you for calling, see you soon x


Welcome to What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday at Crafting With Jack.

Mixed media Jelly-fish.

Followed by a clear desk ready to start again!  And below five collage masterboards that I made for a challenge on a mixed media group on Facebook.  I don't normally do collage masterboards, although I had fun doing them, they are a little bit "busy" for my taste.  The top two I used to make a journal cover,  one on the inside and I cut two additional pieces for the outside covers, unfortunately in trimming off a bit of overhang I managed to cut into the spine, so I cut the covers away and need to do a separate spine. 

I have been busy collecting some pages together for a journal.  I bought "Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady" for this purpose, but when I measured the pages they are wider than I want.  So I have decided to scan them all and then I can print them them smaller.  I have seen the pages for sale on Etsy and I thought maybe I could do that which would help towards the cost of printing.  I need to look into selling on Etsy first.

Finally, I am designing some journal pages:

Linking up with the rest of the lovely group at Julia's Stamping Ground.