Welcome to another What's On Your Workdesk!   All the linking up is done at Julia's Stamping Ground.   I have been doing some sorting, a lot of thinking on the next project, but not a lot of crafting over Christmas!  On my desk at the moment are some pieces of a master board I did a while ago, that I might do some work with and also a pile of book pages that I want to scan.  I want to make some little postage stamp type images for using with collage.   I also have a couple of packet of mixed postage stamps I bought and I am going to scan those as well.

I made a Halloween album and thought I would use the same pattern, it would have been quicker to have worked it out from the Halloween one, but I was determined to find my instructions!  Hence the sorting.  So I eventually found the instructions and a lot of other stuff I had forgotten about.  I think I need to make a list of all the projects I want to do and then do them one by one as I am having a butterfly time and flitting from idea to idea!

May I wish all my followers and fellow deskers a very happy and healthy new year x



The last What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday before Christmas, I hope all my followers and fellow deskers have a wonderful Christmas. Considering the circumstances we find ourselves in with the Covid situation, I know many will not be having the Christmas of their choice and my heart goes out to all of those who are cut off from their loved ones.  I send out a special prayer to you this morning.

So how have I been spending my crafty time this past week?  I have been watching a lot of tutorials as I went through my stack of Pinterest emails waiting  for me to look at them.  I really need to cut down the amount of emails I get by unsubscribing from a lot of them. Some of the ink pads I have had for several years were too dry to use with stamps, but I had a great play with them before I binned them.  I thought they would make great backgrounds ATC’s and small collages. I started off with the last pages of a sketch book, which absorbed the ink a little too much and then went on to some A5 card that I had a stack of.   I mistakenly used the back of a sketch of Dolly :(
I made a few backgrounds by pressing the ink pads on my glass craft mat, that was hard work because there was not a lot of ink to be had!

I finally bought some distilled water to try and revive the products at the top of above photograph.  I bought a new diary for 2021, this one is bigger than A5, but not as big as A4.  I bought a calendar from Papermills which has a space to add your own art. I bought some Inktense blocks and some Neocrayons.  I couldn’t resist the Robin paper napkins.

I am off to post this and check on the other deskers at Julia's Stamping Ground. Take care and God Bless x



 It’s time for What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday, here is my nice and tidy desk, empty of any work at the moment.  The second picture is of some sample books I bought from Papermill, I thought they might be useful!   I cleared it on Monday as I wanted to start a new painting.   Willowing Arts. are re-running a 7 days taster sessions for the Life Book 2021 course.  There are 30 taster sessions and I realised didn’t have time to do them in 7 days, so I had a mammoth watch today.  Of the 30 I only fully watched 7 of them as they were the ones I part I wanted to do.  The rest I watched, skipping mostly all the introductory part, which I felt I didn’t have time for.  I made some notes and took some screenshots so I would have some references once the 7 days was up.  There were several involving an initial collage and there were quite a few helpful elements and ideas.

The course has a strong element of health and well-being, I am not comfortable with writing down feelings or of even asking my self questions on feelings.  I know this style of therapy can be very good, but it’s just something I can’t do.  I have done some Bible courses where after a reading a chapter or two, you are supposed to answer how that makes you feel and I struggle with that too.

I hope you are all amazed at the mount of room to work I have on my desk!  Of course there is no saying what it will be like in a few days :)

I am off to link this at Julia’s Stamping Ground.  Have a great week and I hope for us in the U.K. there will be good news about Brexit, but alas I expect the EU will win.



It's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday hosted by Julia over at Stamping Ground.  We had a Zoom meeting last Saturday and it was wonderful to see the faces of those "deskers" we visit.

As you can see I have the usual mayhem going on at my desk.  The jigsaw elephant was going to get thrown out (Charity shop) and I had a fancy to do something with it, goodness knows what at the moment.  I have a couple of cards left and a few bought ones to write and post.  I never get as much done as I think I will!
You can see my Christmas card book with a list underneath for people who haven't made the book yet, I did only just start writing addresses in it - I have only had the book a whole year!  I put post it notes over the ones I have done so far,

Go to the previous post to see my second page of Christmas Digital Stamps.  Hope you are well and not too frustrated with the business of the season x

Christmas Stamps

 My second page of Christmas stamps is up on the Christmas page, my stamps are still at the special price of £1.50.

I shall be working on the flower category next, unless I have any requests.

WOYWW 600 - yes 600!!


Today is the 600th What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  A wonderful achievement and a testimony to the friendship of the group.   I am only a recent member, this is my second year, but the group is very welcoming.  A huge thank you to Julia for being the host at Stamping Ground.  Black Friday was last week although I have been inundated with offers for a quite a while it seems.  I have made several Black Friday orders, some of the things are shown above.  I have bought new sketch and watercolour books. I bought some new stencils, stamps and Stamperia paper


Above is the second journal I am working on and below is my finished one.  I created my journal pages using a photograph of the paper I used for my cover.  Both journals have a paper book in the centre for notes etc.  The one below has several flaps and the one above has two flaps and two pockets.

I am off to link up at Julia's and have a peek at the other desks.  See you soon x