Duct Tape/Parcel Tape Journal

I did a Duct Tape Tutorial back in February  ( Duct Tape tutorial )
and I wanted to give you a few more tips that I discovered while making some yesterday and today.  The ones I did yesterday and today were 8 1/4 x 6 inch in finished size, so card stock cut to 
12 x 8 1/4 and then folded down the middle.

The first tip I want to give you was given to me by my dear friend Vanessa, after I had complained my folds were not very accurate despite using a score board.  I had thought once you had scored down the middle and then folded, it should be accurate.  Obviously you need to keep the card up against the side and bottom edges, when you score, but what I was doing was picking the card up and folding it and then using the bone folder to finish.  

Tip 1 What you actually need to do is this. Score the card, then keeping the card against the edges, fold it over so the opposite edge also butts up to the left and bottom edge.  Once you are confident all edges are correct, hold the left side down and use your right hand to fold the crease.

Tip 2   When you place your tape over the middle pages, don't do what I was doing, which was trying to cut the tape with scissors, close to the edge.  Allow an overlap each side, which makes keeping straight easier. 

Tip 3  Then flip over the pages.  Fold over your surplus tape, and take the pages to the guillotine to trim.  If your edges are off, trim them now.  I was leaving it till the end and then trying to cut the whole thing with my guillotine.  If your folding is neat you shouldn't have hardly anything to trim.

These tips should make it easier to keep the whole journal neat and tidy.  They certainly have helped me.

Thank you for visiting.  I now have 11 journals made.

Easy Back to Back Journal Tutorial

This is a very easy journal to make and you can make it any size.  You can make it from bought blank cards, bought birthday cards that are blank in the middle, or any craft card.   I usually use an even number, 6 , 8, 10 or 12.  I had stacks of 12 x 12 card bought as packs.  Most packs were quite cheap (which was the reason I had so much!).  The quality of the card wasn't brilliant, but you get what you pay for :)  some of card was good quality, but I couldn't think what to do with it.  So in an effort to cut down on my stash, I decided to make some journals.  I usually do these back to back journals with double sided tape, but as I had a lot of Mod Podge to use up, I decided to use that.  

I made mine 9 x 6.  I trimmed the card and scored them down the middle.  The first two I made I used too much glue, they took ages drying and warped badly, so they are sitting under paint containers flattening!  The Mod Podge is a bit runny and one of the tacky glues would be better.  I tried again, this time using glue only round the edges.  Using my finger I spread the glue around as you can see below.

Attach your next piece of card by placing two sides together as shown below.  Match up the front first and seal by sliding your fingers back and forth.  Do the same with the sides, then close the page and press along the side at the back.

Carry on adding the folded pages, I used 10 folded pages in all.   When all the pages have been added, use a bone folder along the back edge, I then use clips to hold the pages together while it dries off.

When you are happy the the spine is dry, wrap the spine with black duct tape as below.

You might notice one of the journals is slightly smaller, 8 1/4 x 6 inches.  Do let me know if you try these, thank you for visiting, I will be back soon x