Thursday, 14 December 2017

Don't like the paper - change it!

This is a short tutorial to show you how turn a paper you don't like into something fabulous.  What I wanted to do was cut out some Christmas tree shapes.  I started with the paper on the left, I just don't care for it, but the paper quality is good.  I used an embossing folder and then used a sandpaper block to take off the top surface, but I still wasn't happy, so I turned it over and brushed on two colours of Metallic Gilding Polish.  Now I was happy!   I cut out my Christmas tree shapes and the Merry Christmas adding the gilding polish to that as well.  I thought they were fabulous!

I put the rest of the card together and wanted to use the bauble diecut but it was the wrong colour and I didn't feel the shape of the trees fitted in with the rest of the design.  So I trimmed my Christmas trees to give them more of a tree shape and used purple gilding polish so they matched the bauble.  Then I had to change the colour on the Merry Christmas, I used gold and cream.  Finally adding some gold to the background and the gold bow.

So if you have paper you don't like - do something with it, especially if it good quality.  You can even stamp images on the back if it is white.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Christmas Rocking Horse

I saw this picture in a craft magazine and thought I would like to have a go at this.   The horse was available from a shop called The Works, but when I tried to get it they were sold out.  I decided to make my own!  First I looked for inspiration, I found this cute rocking horse:

I liked the general shape, but changed some details as you can see:

I scanned the printed image into my Scan N Cut and cut out the shapes, I got 4 from a 12 x 12 paper.  The paper I used was quite a thick paper.  I realized I would have to use several layers for thickness and ended up with two sets of five layers which I then glued together to the red line.    By putting the paper in with the plain side showing it was easy to cut out the reverse shape for the backs.  Once assembled a short strip placed between the rockers kept them the right distance apart to stand up.

The wooden rocking horse would have been more stable than mine and I found balance an issue if I added too much.  However I was really pleased with how it turned out and have several sets cut to make some more :)

There are lots of free rocking horse pictures on the internet, some of these would be easy to cut out by hand.

See you on Friday x

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Free Glossy frames

Hello again, here are the glossy frames I promised yesterday.  The first four are all png files, the last one a jpeg without the shadow, just in case someone can't use png files.  I would be always happy to repost png files as jpegs if you would prefer them.

Jpeg file without shadow

Hope your day is going well and you have a lovely Sunday x

Friday, 27 October 2017

Free Papers and frames

I have been working on these designs since breakfast this morning and the bit that takes me the longest is adding colour.  I have more changes of mind than leaves on the trees!  I started out with this scrap of vintage design :

From there I redid the motif and using PSE made a pattern.  These are A4 size.

Having made 3 colourways I had some fun and mixed them up a little.

Then I made a frame or two :)  These are 8 x 8 inches.

Finally I made some glossy frames, but as this post is image "heavy" I will post those tomorrow.  What do you think of these?
Have a great weekend, I am going to do tomorrows post straight away and schedule it.  Take care x

Friday, 6 October 2017

Halloween craft

My daughter asked me to come up with a toilet roll witch for her Rainbows group.  Having browsed Google,  and using bits from children's colouring pages, I put together 3 print-outs for her to use.

These fit on an A5 sheet, so two side by side on an A4 sheet.   All you have to do after colouring in, is cut the top half out down to the strip below the arms, the rest of the paper gets bent around the cardboard inner of a toilet roll and sellotaped or glued at the back.  Your witch/monster/pumpkin man will then stand up ready for Halloween.    Hope you have some fun with these.  Take care x

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Creating a stained glass effect

I tried drawing a stained glass pattern by hand:

This was my first attempt, trying to draw the pieces.  Then I had the idea of using the Stained Glass filter in PSE.  Almost any picture will do for this if all you want is the outlines.  I went for the biggest cells and these are the outline and coloured versions.

I used the sponge filter in PSE to give a vintage effect.

I added some flowers and leaves that I made.

Then I added a quote from Psalm 103.

I decided to outline my flowers and leaves with a cream colour.
You welcome to all or any of today's images.  Thank you for visiting, please say hello in the comments x

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Resizing a digital stamp tutorial

This is a tutorial on changing the size and ppi on a digital image in Photoshop Elements.  I can't show you the whole image because of copyright.  There are various reasons why images don't download at the correct ppi.  Sometimes people save the preview for example.  It goes without saying you shouldn't download anything without permission.   Marks on images can occur when saved at a too low resolution and if you print them out to colour you probably won't even see them.  This image is magnified and hard to see even now, but if you are resizing they can be a problem.

Around this image there is a lot of shadowing, not caused by the artist. And the image is only 72 ppi.  Click on Image > Resize > Image size and you will see the screen below.

Change the 72 to 300 and press OK.  You can also change the size here, but we will do that later.

In order to get rid of the shadowing, press Enhance > Adjust Colour .> Replace Colour and a box will appear with a little eyedropper.

Point the eyedropper on a shadowy area.  Then slide the lightness button all the way to +100

All shadowy areas gone!

Now go back to Image > Resize > Image size and change the size.  The width and height in mine are shown in inches, but if you press the downwards arrow you can change this to centimetres.  If your version is older/newer it might be slightly different.  I must add if your original image is too small you may not be able to enlarge it to the size you want without distortion.

Friday, 7 April 2017

How to get messy, recycle and use up your stash

The top picture is my paper stash box, previously these were in draws and difficult to flick through, also a lot of them were free with magazines and although nice were a bit thin.  So I slapped on the glue and glued these papers down, not worrying particularly what went with what as these were a first layer.  A few layers of paper strengthens the box as well as making it look nice, the thinner the paper the more layers you will need.  When I had finished I picked some nice pictures and decorated the box with them.
When I put my papers in them they slid down :(  I got a couple of cereal boxes, cut them to size, covered them and placed them in my box - perfect :)

The box below is for my paints, I covered it with a piece of wallpaper and lined it with card.  I also made the base more even by "filling in" with waste card from the box in between the flaps and covering that with a piece of card from the box lid.  I think this will strengthen the base.

I lost count of the number of times I washed my hands as they has glue all over them - I am sure everybody isn't as messy as me :)  I gave a good coat of Mod Podge over the final box to make it last longer and make it nice and shiny.