Sunday, 13 November 2016

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is that stuff boxes are usually made of. It actually has three layers. The corrugated layer is the middle layer, the outer layers are brown paper that if you want to show the corrugated texture you will need to peel off. Sometimes it peels off easily and sometimes it doesn't!

Corrugated Cardboard

Once you have your corrugated cardboard you can cut it into any shape you want.  In the samples below I have taken 3 pieces of approximately A4 cardboard - you can use cereal packets or plain cardboard.  In the first I have cut circles, the second, straight strips and a square and the third torn strips.  I have stuck the corrugated cardboard to the A4 bases and given the whole thing a coat of gesso, which is great for preparing the surface for paint.

Using acrylic paints I have created three backgrounds.  If you have ever watched tutorials by mixed media artists it often seems they create something to cover up!   So sometimes they create what seems a perfectly lovely background only to cover it up totally which seems a little crazy!  I admit to being one of those crazy people :)  I change my mind frequently as my projects evolve.  In the one below I have used gold metallic paint over the circles and added embellishments.

This piece is the third one in the first picture.  I have added texture paste and a little glitter around the torn pieces. I confess I tried some stencilling which didn't really work out to my satisfaction, so I added another layer of paint to blend everything in.  I used embossing powder on all the diamond shapes and seahorses.  I just used a layer of ordinary glue and then covered with the embossing powder.  I used glitter on everything else.  Here are some close ups:

You can see the stencilling in the last one.

This is the middle piece from the first picture, this took me days to get where I was happy.  I wanted to use a lace flower that I had made which was too big, so I kept swapping embellishments and pictures in an attempt to make it "right".  When I left out the lace flower it came together more easily.  The bird and the word are made of wood.  I have used a bird cage, lacey border and swirl die cuts. Various vintage pictures, feather and paper flowers.  Lastly I added a skim of gold metallic paint to the background.