What is a journal and what is it for?  The simple answer is it is a book and you can use it for anything you want be it a diary, daily journal or art book,   It could be a prayer journal, a recipe book or a themed book such as butterflies.  They can be made out of any paper, magazines, book pages.  They make great gifts.

Your first decision is "What do I want to do with it?"  This decision may affect the type of paper you use, for example if you you want to use it for sketching or painting.

When I was young I had a scrapbook, like a lot of children.  A book for sticking in things like favourite pictures and other odd things.  Maybe some writing, no rules!  Now “Scrapbook” means something different and I discovered a new term for a slightly more grownup version of what I used to do as a child.  I came across an article on Gomakesomething about Glue Books.  All you need is a book (composition book, old book, new book, anything with pages!) and glue you are comfortable with.  Then you stick to your hearts content and add writing if you want to.  The blog Vintage Journals considers glue books to go hand in hand with junk journals, in that you collect things like bus tickets, bits cut from magazines, vintage pictures etc.  The Craftersworkshop  uses her own fabulous handmade books, complete with stencilling, paint, geli prints and then does her glueing.

There seems to be an overlap with art journals, junk journals, journals and glue books, but I think glue books sounds like the less demanding of them all.

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