WOYWW 612 and 100 days of art.

 It's Wednesday!  I know that comes as no surprise to you, but I woke up a day behind this morning and thus am late doing my What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday post!  Linking up as usual at Julia's Stamping Ground.    Since last Wednesday I have been having such a lot of fun in my craft room.  Here is are a couple of results.  I decided not to show the gathering number of backgrounds I have done for fear of boring you.

I think this one is so pretty, I added the paint over left over pieces of embossed card.   I will probably add more to it later.

This collage was inspired by Mary Anne’s  collages although I went in a completely different direction.  I saw the picture of the bottles which I really liked, then I came across the parrot picture.  Initially I was going to make them separate pages so I hope they count as 2 in the 100 day challenge!

This collage also inspired by Mary Anne and also completely different.  I used a paper napkin for the background adding extra flowers as a second layer.  Once the background was dry I drew around the inside of some cardboard packing circles with a watercolour crayon.  Spreading the colour towards the centre.  I added 3 different colours in all to give them that hard to grasp colour bubbles have.  So “Bubbles in the garden”.

Now we get to the weekly photographs.  The top one was taken on Monday, the second one this morning. In the second one from the left, I have a pile of pictures and scraps, then my pile of art journals, my trusty guillotine and then my pretty page.

I am loving my new look craft room with handy storage.   I have 9 art journals on the go - keeping them under my stone paperweight.  This means I can go to to the next one while I am waiting for a layer to dry. A lot of my backgrounds have a layer of paper napkin glued down followed by a layer of paint.  I have done a fair bit of fussy cutting in the evenings, I have these spring scissors which don’t hurt my hands the way ordinary scissors do.

My paperweight from collected stones, a couple need re-sticking, and new storage made by my husband for our grand daughter who has an attic bedroom with sloping ceiling.

Now for something completely different.  I am gathering material for a journal with a Alice in Wonderland theme.  This is my Alice, made from 3 Tuck images:

The other doll had better legs, still dark stockings, though lighter, but her head was creased!  So my 100 day projects are going to be quite a mix.  Although I am not numbering them I do need to keep count, so I will let you know the total when I have worked it out.

Finally my husband and I had our jabs last Saturday, I had a bad night feeling I was on fire and therefore really tired the next day, my husband was also tired.

Have a great week x Angela


It's another What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday and for our group a sad occasion as Shaz passed away after a long battle with cancer.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her husband and family.

Above is what I have been working on for the past few days, the butterfly is the nearest to completion.  I have several small art journals on the go so I can give each page time to dry before going on with the next step.  My stencilling is very much a work in progress with mixed results, however I persevere!   I made the fish and the butterfly masks.  A mess with stencilling which I wiped away allowed the orangey coat underneath to show through, but I liked the effect.  With each background I painted over a layer of paper napkin/serviette.  I love the texture this gives.

Linking up as usual with Julia's blog Stamping Ground.

My craftroom revamp took a lot out of me, but I am really pleased with it now.  I am hoping the link below will take you to my little video of it.  I can't seem to figure out how to get it on here.  You can even see Jack curled up in one corner.


WOYWW 610 and Free hearts papers


Hearts and Stars A4

Hearts 8 x 8

Today is What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday when we show our desks and explain what's going on.  We are linking up at Julia's blog Stamping Ground.  What's going on with my craftroom was rather unexpected.  I had seen several craftrooms with storage made from pipes, so I was talking to my husband yesterday morning about where to get the pipes from and which sort.  I looked up the cost of the pipes he mentioned and decided to forget it, at which point my dear husband got involved, phoned the builders merchant to find the cheapest type of pipe.  He got 3 metres for about £12 and started work.

The new storage is on the right, what was there has been shifted to the left (out of sight) and what is on the desk is the stuff from the left!

The window area is being cleaned

Another storage unit ( I would have preferred the pipes a lighter colour).  The job gets finished today.

I made 25 little books for my sister, and finished the three above which I had already started.  The digital papers at the top are free for personal use.

Finishing with a couple of lovely jigsaws my husband completed.

Wishing you all a great week.


Happy WOYWW to all of  those participating this week and a big hello to all my lovely visitors and followers.  I expect you all know what Wednesdays are all about: "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday" , a time when we show off our desks and link up at Julia's Stamping Ground.  Thank you for all your lovely comments last week.

On my desk today is a whole load of cut out images that I discovered the other day waiting to be cut out.

I offered to make some little duct tape books for my sister, she works in a special unit and works individually with the children.  So I was thinking 8 -10 books and I had some 12 x 12 to use up.  Apparently there are 25 children in the unit and they all would like one!  

Each piece of folded card or paper is joined to the next.

Yesterday I sorted out the 12 x 12 paper and I started cutting them in half.  I hadn't got very far when my shoulder started giving me gyp (an old northern English word apparently, meaning pain and spelled gyp, gip or jip!).  It put me in a real funk (old Scottish and Northern English word meaning basically a bad mood or being "down")  - Sort of enjoying this :)  Suffice to say I didn't do very much yesterday,  shoulder willing I hope to do better today.

I started the 100 day Project on the 31 January, I am guessing preparing paper for journals doesn't count!  So more catching up for me today.

A little peek at both litters of puppies, the left are Shelties, born last week, the right Poodles, born 2 weeks ago.  My daughter is keeping one of the Shelties which brings her dog count up to 5!  I only have 4 dogs and my husband is saying no to number 5 :(  I can't blame him as I am unable to do the exercising.  Stay safe x


 I finished my seahorse painting.  I did some stencilling with gesso which I liked and then I decided to stencil a column of leaves with green paint, which I didn't like at all!  I used babywipes to take off the green, which also took some off the background and mucked up the white of the gesso.  So I added more blue for the background and took it over the gesso stencilling.  Then with another babywipe I carefully took some of the blue off the circles.  I used some diecuts for the greenery.  Using them first covering them with paint to print the shapes and then adding the shapes themselves.  I added a few star/flower shapes too.  I was going to add a quote, but decided against it.

I decided to join in with the 100 day project which started  31 January.  The project is very flexible as to what you do and I decided that just creating every day would be enough of a challenge.  So this painting covers the first two days of the challenge.  Today  and yesterday I have been doing a lot of cutting out in preparation for some collage work.  Which has got me thinking whether I should be aiming for a finished project every day, in which case I may have to think again!