It’s another Wednesday and that means It’s What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday hosted by Julia over at her blog Stamping Ground.  As you can see my desk is busy, some would say cluttered :)  I am making two little (5 3/4 by 5 3/4 inch) journals.  I was pleased with the covers and started on the insides.  I decided I wanted a pocket on each side, so I measured carefully and the first layer was fine, then I measure carefully again, decided I wanted at 2/8 inch margin, cut the card and stuck it down.  I kept looking at it unsure what was wrong and then I realised I had a 1/4 inch gap and it was too much.  It didn't help I had used white card for the first layer, even when I had inked the white, I still wasn't happy so it all had to come off :(   This time I drew myself a diagram with the measurements on.  I have been careful to let each layer dry before adding another to reduce any warping.  there are actually several glues on my desk as I have been trying them.  I have add to add a little water to the little bottles as they had gone very thick, emptying them into a bigger bottle. 

My journal covers are under the books.  I have already printed some pages for the inside of my journals.

If you decide to print your own double sided pages you need to make sure your design is centred, otherwise your sides will not match up, as I found out.  

Yesterday I was in Llandudno hospital having a drug transfusion for my osteoporosis.  This was my first time, having had to wait because of the Covid situation, I have to have one every year.  Thankfully no fractures so far!

I am off to finish my covers and of course visit all my fellow WOYWW crafters.


 It’s WOYWW, meaning “What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday” a day when a group of us get together to see what we are all working on.  We all link up at Julia’s blog The Stamping Ground and then start visiting!  Since I only realised it was Wednesday about 3 o’clock I am way behind.  My illness (M.E.) comprises of ups and downs and I get very low with too many downs. This afternoon  I decided to watch the first series of Discovery of Witches, the second series has already started, but I thought I would rewatch the first, before watching the second. 

So on to my workdesk today.  Yesterday I covered two book covers I had made with some pretty wrapping paper with butterflies on.  I really like this paper, but I am having difficulty working out my next step.  This morning I was debating on card to mat a focal picture.  My coloured card was in a bit of a mess so I tidied it all up.  I do find it difficult when I am doing something as a gift, both books are going to be presents and I am not sure what style the recipients really like.

You can see the book covers on the top left, below that is the fungi I showed last week which a few of you identified for me and on the right is my art journal being flattened as it was horribly warped.  This is the second one I have done and this is it's last chance!

I have just finished a time travel book "The Lane Betrayal" by John A, Heldt and I also have the second book to read.    I have an email from BookBub daily with a list of free books or low priced books in my interests.  One of the books today was "Pearl in the Sand" a story about Rahab in the city of Jericho.  So I shall be checking that one out.  I am very eclectic in most things.  I don't like books with swearing, too much violence and sex, but I do love a good story.  It is very important to me that right wins in the books I read and the TV I watch. Unless I am reading for educations purposes, I read to relax and enjoy myself.

I decided to open a digital shop and have been going over my stamps, redesigning those I thought needed it.  Here are  a few of my Christmas designs.

Have a great week x

25 Days of Christmas Tags (14)

The inspiration for todays tags was amazing, however I had limited time today so I chose a simple one, inspired by Joyce.  Click the picture below to check out all the tags.

Coffee Lovers Hop and 25 Days of Christmas Tags (13)


Today I have done an Alice in Wonderland card for the Coffee Lover's Hop.  The flamingo is talking to Alice!  The image was free from Dover and the paper was in Papercraft Essentials magazine.  I was too late for this entry, like the white rabbit!

Below is my tag for the 25 Days of Christmas Tags, my tag was inspired by Lindsay M-P who has used text in the shaper of a Christmas Tree.  I didn't realize how difficult it would be to get the shape out of the text.  I am not sure I am completely happy, so I may redo it another time.

Coffee Lovers Hop and 25 Days of Christmas Tags (12)

Today for the Coffee Lover's Hop I created a background using different fonts of words associated with hot chocolate.  The image is a free one from Create and Craft.

Today I made two more tags after being inspired yesterday by Dilay Nacar.


Coffee Lovers Hop and 25 Days of Christmas Tags (11)

A card for the Coffee Loving Hop over at Coffee Loving Cardmakers

My tags for the 25 Days of Christmas Tags inspired by Dilay Nacar, one of her tags was like a mandala so I thought I would colour in these silver embossed ones.




It’s time for another peek at everybody’s desk in the WOYWW group.  You can see my nice and tidyish  desk with my an album folder displayed and above that my finished painting.  On the far right I have some magazines to go through.

This is the cover, I made this album quite a while ago when I was experimenting with napkins and Mod Podge.  Although I was really happy with it, I stopped working on it when I discovered the Mod Podge left it permanently sticky, especially to itself.  I decided this morning to use some Pinflair polishes to see if that worked, I tried the blue, then decided to remove the images so I could do all of it, although I successfully peeled back the lady the other images will have to be replaced.

I have been having a “sort out/rearrange/tidy up/What do I have in that drawer?” couple of days.  Last week I did a great job (even if I have to say it myself!) of making progress in sorting and clearing my desk.   I was deciding my next project in a plan to use things I have had for ages.  I actually forgot I had already decided that this week was going to be my gel plate!  I just get so distracted:(  anyway my sister and I were looking at some journals with embossed covers and she said I am sure you could make some!  I replied embossing leather is something I don’t have tools for, not to mention the leather.  “Well”, she explained, “you could do your own thing”.  

So that had me thinking and I gathered all the old books I had bought from the charity shops for that purpose. I had started this previously getting one cover right and putting the craft knife through the cover on the second, so I took them to my husband and he is such a darling, he is going to do them for me.  In the past few months he has made me a weaving frame (that has to wait until I can get to a wool shop); cut me some wood “houses”, cut me some hardboard tags from some scraps my son had; and now I am asking him to do the books!  The houses and the tags need a coat of gesso first.

I have also been deciding whether to order a collage book with prompts and a diary one side and space to work in on the other, for a whole 52 weeks of the year!  The book price is not an issue, it is just under £20, but add the postage from America and the custom tax, the price more than doubles!  There is a digital option, but then I have printing costs and binding so decisions, decisions.

I have been trying to help out in the garden, sometimes 10 minutes is too much, but what is really annoying is that according to my Apple watch which I had for my birthday, I have had no exercise for today!  This is despite being in pain because of my gardening and the fact I had to sit down before I fell down! Grr

Okay, a lot of waffle from me today! Finally anybody know what this is?  I am guessing it is some type of toadstool.

A happy WOYWW.  I am off to link up at Julia's Stamping Ground

25 Days of Christmas Tags (10) and the Coffee lovers Hop


My second post of the day.  This is my tag for the 25 Days Of Christmas Tags.  I was inspired by Jeanne Jachna.  She had created two mice tags, one had the word "sweet" and the other one had a lollipop.

It is also my entry for the Coffee Lovers Hop .  I have created a similar one for yesterday.  It makes me smile to think of these liitle Santas dashing along with a candy cane.

25 Days of Christmas Tags(9) and the Coffee Lovers Hop

Two posts today, these are my tags for yesterday, for the 25 Days of Christmas Tags and for the Coffee Lovers Hop

My tag was inspired by Carol Mayne's tag, she used a polar bear.

For the Coffee Lovers Hop I have created a tag also.

25 Days of Christmas Tags(8) and Coffee Lovers Hop


Today's tag for the 25 Days of Christmas Tags over at In My Creative Opinion.    I was inspired by Ardyth's tag.  I drew the 
design and coloured with my Docrafts brush pens.

This is today's card for  the Coffeelovers cardmakers.  I used a brass stencil that I had had for ages and not used.

Coffee Lover's hop and 25 Days of Christmas Tags


This is my card for the Coffee Lover's hop over at Coffeelovingcardmakers.  I used a outline sticker for the teapot and placed it on a circle.

And this is my tags for the 25 Days of Christmas tags over at In My Creative Opinion.

For my tag I was inspired by Jane Taylor's tag.  I drew and coloured the poinsettia and branch.  Jane had backed her tag on black, but I chose red for mine.

Coffee Lovers Hop and 25 Days of Christmas Tags(6)


 For today's tag  for the 25 Days of Christmas Tags over at In My Creative Opinion I took inspiration from Carol who had used a scalloped square tag with a sentiment.

Today is the start of the Fall/Winter Coffee Lover's Hop over at

I created a new stylish coffee pot for the start of this year's hop.