Last Day of Stay Crafty @ Home hop


This is the last day of LeighSBDesigns Stay Crafty @ Home hop, today I made an ATC using my masterboard.  Well, what I actually did was photograph the masterboard, and print off 2 A4 pages.  I did make the design slightly smaller.  I then cut ATC sized pieces and searched through my considerable stash for small images.  I couldn't believe I came up empty handed, I saw a die cut leaf and thought it looked like a little bird. So I started to design some little birds.  After a few tries I managed to do one ATC, finishing off with some doodling.

After a mammoth post a day for Leigh's hop I am hoping to do some painting tomorrow. Take care x

Jug of Poinsettias

This is a Crafting With Jack design, "Poinsettias and Holly Jug", I coloured most of it with DoCrafts brush markers and used a metallic pen for the jug and the centres of the flowers.    Tomorrow is the last day for LeighSBDesigns Stay Crafty @ Home hop.

See you tomorrow x




It's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, when a group of like minded people share what they have up to.  We all link up to Julia's blog - The Stamping Ground, so come and take a look.  Today I am working on a large (A3) masterboard inspired by Susan Renshaw's post a few days ago.

I used both masking taper and thin washing tape to make the lines.  The washi tape did not want to stick down except two places where it stuck fast and ripped as it came off!  I applied paint with a sponge and did some stamping also.

It was quite a Wow! moment when I took the tape off.  Susan cut hers up into ATC's, but I think the masking tape I used was too wide, so I am still thinking the next step.  Some areas like the top piece of the selection below I love just as it is.

Here is my card made from my favourite piece:

Just two more days of LeighSBDesigns hop, and now I am off to have a look at all the other desks today x

Autumn Leaves

This is todays craft for LeighSBDesigns Stay Crafty @ Home hop and for the Outlaws Progressive challenge.  I messed about with Docrafts pens and then colouring pencils till I decided to see if I could improve it in PSE.  I wanted a softer look so moderately happy with the end result.

Join me for WOYWW tomorrow x


Poinsettia card


Just a few days left to join in LeighSBDesigns Stay Crafty @ Home hop.  Today has been a lovely sunny day and we took the opportunity to sit out in the garden and enjoy the weather.  The design is a Crafting With Jack digital stamp, coloured with Docrafts brush pens.



A colourful trio of Seahorses is my card for today.  The seahorse was coloured in with metallic markers, photographed and the image imported into PSE where I had a play with the blend filters.  I find I can’t stop until I have tried nearly every combination:). There are only 6 days left of LeighSBDesigns Stay Crafty @Home hop, so do join in with whatever you are crafting this week.

I hope your weekend has gone well, the weeks go by so quickly!  See you tomorrow x

Digital experimenting

A little rushed to get this posted before my husband yells at me for staying downstairs :)  I didn't want to miss one day of LeighSBDesigns Stay Crafty @ Home hop.  I was experimenting this evening, if I had tome I would probably change the colour of the flowers, but not tonight.

That's all from me x


Scrappy strips 2

I made another two cards with the Scrappy strips technique, but this time I used papers I didn't like, which never works well for me.  I decided to try covering the papers with metallic markers.  Obviously I tried on left over bits first.  So two cards I like, my craft for LeighSBDesigns Stay Crafty @ Home hop.

Have a great weekend and join me to see what I have been up to x


Scrappy Strips Technique

 I tried a new technique today The Scrappy Strips Technique if you click on the link you can see a tutorial.  I was really pleased with how it turned out. I like them just as they are but, as Christmas cards they need a Christmas sentiment.  I don't have anything suitable at the moment so that will be done in the near future.

So that's my craft for LeighSBDesigns Stay Crafty @ Home hop .  I haven't decided on a craft for tomorrow so join me to see what I come up with x

Elegant bird

I love how this turned out.  I started with one of the colouring pages, coloured it in, took a photograph and chose a photocopy filter in PSE.  In order to get this effect the black was the foreground colour and the beige the background colour,

I am very glad to be back at home after a week away, as usual when you get back, plenty of washing and putting away to do tomorrow.

So that's me for today, only 10 days left for LeighSBDesigns Stay Crafty @ Home hop.  I think it's the longest one I have done!  See you tomorrow x


Cats sleep anywhere


Cats sleep everywhere is the poem for the Outlawz challenge Songs or Rhyme.

Any table, any chair
Top of piano, window-ledge,
In the middle, on the edge,
Open drawer, empty shoe,
Anybody's lap will do,
Fitted in a cardboard box,
In the cupboard, with your frocks-
Anywhere! They don't care!
Cats sleep anywhere.

The design is by Crafting With Jack, done in my digital program Ibis Paint.  This is for the Outlawz challenge and for LeighSBDesigns Stay Crafty @ Home hop.

See you tomorrow x

Circular flip book 2


More work done on my circular flipbook

Finally the cover.  Still time to join in LeighSBDesigns Stay Crafty @ Home hop and  Leigh has some great new designs to show you too.

Take care x

How not to make a circular flip book

A few days ago I read a tutorial (from the archives) in my email from SplitCoast Stampers for a circular flip fold book.  I read it through, made it up and then realized it said decorate before attaching the pages!  then when I was thinking about decorating the pages, I realized the fact that I had used a patterned paper made decorating difficult.  I would end up with parts of the images.  So I covered the patterned base and incomplete images with gesso.

Then I painted over the gesso, trying to match the background colour.

Today I added black card for the cover base.

Then I painted the base blue and added patterned paper.

I started with the base top and started decorating with patterned paper and Christmas verses.

Still to do, the cover and the vertical sides.

That's my craft for today for LeighSBDesigns Stay Crafty @ Home hop.  I'll be back tomorrow, I hope you will join me then x