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Half O'Ween at LeighSBDesigns

We are half way though the year from Halloween to Halloween, so it's time for "Something Wicked This Way Comes" Half O'Ween at LeighSBDesigns.  I came across at Bogie Book by Dennisons the other day, perfect for Halloween designs.  This what the page looks like:

And this is the first design from this book

Apparently the clown was a Trick or Treat type game, you placed your hand in the pocket and pulled out......?  I asked my granddaughter what did she think the nasty items could be,  she replied at once spiders!  Expect a flurry of posts from me as it is also the Summer Coffee Lovers blog hop.  Bye for now x Angela


valscraftings said…
Fabulous Boogie book page, love the red background for your spooky pumpkin clown!!!

Val S - LeighSBDesigns DT
Lyneen said…
That must be a great book!!! Love the spooky clown. Look forward to more makes!
Susan Renshaw said…
That looks like a good book!!
Good to catch up again Angela...I am also trying to add to the Coffee Lovers Hop!!
Vivian Foo said…
Interesting book and I love that creepy clown!
valscraftings said…
Hi Angel, don’t forget the Day you play you need to hop to your fellow blogs to leave some spooky love as they are doing so for you! x
Wicked cool adaptation of the page!
Thank you for playing along in LeighSBDesigns annual "Something Wicked this Way Comes" Half-O-Ween Blog Hop this year and hanging in there while you got the comment glitches solved! Check out June's new The Summer BUZZ Collection & hope to see you for our new Blog Hop starting June 8th!
Stay Inspired & Stay Safe!
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