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Back to back books - easy!

Back to back journals are one of the easiest books to make.  You can use any card for this including bought card blanks and cheap packs of cards or invitations.  It doesn't matter if there are pictures on the front or back as you stick the back of one to the front of another.  The front of the first folded card will be your cover, and the back of the final folded card will be the back cover.  You count the insides of each folded card to give you the final amount of pages.  So in the diagram below, 8 cards will give you 16 pages.

These were the 12 x 12 pieces I made last week, I cut each in half and scored each 12 x 6 piece at the halfway point.

I used a wet glue (Mod Podge) to stick half of the pieces and pegged them to dry.  Then I stuck the resulting pieces together with double sided tape, the wet glue does tend to warp the pages a little.  The doublesided tape refused to stick for some reason, I added Mod Podge to the unstuck places and it still came unstuck where I hadn't added pegs.  I came up with a new method.  I used lollipop sticks to keep the edges together and pegged over the top.

I hope you give the back to back method a try.  Let me know if you find the instructions confusing, Angela x