Wednesday, 25 September 2019

WOYWW: - What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

I have been wanting to join in the "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday" for the last couple of weeks and I finally made it today:)
Today I am working on the second page in my glue book.  I only got as far as covering the tag with paper napkin.  Most of my time is spent trying one thing and another till I am finally happy.

If you are not sure what WOYWW is all about visit our host Julia Stamping Ground

See you soon x Angela

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Glue Book part 2

While I was waiting for those pesky pages to dry, I did a bit more research into glue books.  I discovered 2 FaceBook groups.  One was adamant that it was only for gluing, which I felt a bit restrictive.  I joined the other one "Vintage gluebooks and pages.  They were doing a challenge working with "paint chips".  Those little books of coloured pages to show available shades.  I didn't have any so I made a set of tags from shiny card.

Having decided I didn't want to use the back to back book I had just finished, I searched my craft room for something else.  Last year I made a set of books for my daughter's Rainbow group (5-7 yrs).  They were having a weekend away and were doing a fairy theme.  I supplied fairy colouring pages, wordsearch etc and the book was to stick all their finished pages in.  I had 4 left over.

Instead of using a whole card as in the back to back method, this book uses hinges to stick the folded 12 x 6 pieces together.  I like my books to lay flat when I am working on them and these didn't.  I took off the card covering the spine and used duct tape instead, then I recovered the covers.

The next step was to get rid of the kraft card hinges.  I used old book pages to cover them, ripping the edges,

Now some of the card I liked, some I didn't so for those I plan on covering them over.

This is my first page in my gluebook.  I used part of a paper napkin to cover the "paint tag".  I think the label behind the tag is a little dark, but other than that I am quite happy with it.

Thank you for visiting and see you soon, Angela x

Back to back books - easy!

Back to back journals are one of the easiest books to make.  You can use any card for this including bought card blanks and cheap packs of cards or invitations.  It doesn't matter if there are pictures on the front or back as you stick the back of one to the front of another.  The front of the first folded card will be your cover, and the back of the final folded card will be the back cover.  You count the insides of each folded card to give you the final amount of pages.  So in the diagram below, 8 cards will give you 16 pages.

These were the 12 x 12 pieces I made last week, I cut each in half and scored each 12 x 6 piece at the halfway point.

I used a wet glue (Mod Podge) to stick half of the pieces and pegged them to dry.  Then I stuck the resulting pieces together with double sided tape, the wet glue does tend to warp the pages a little.  The doublesided tape refused to stick for some reason, I added Mod Podge to the unstuck places and it still came unstuck where I hadn't added pegs.  I came up with a new method.  I used lollipop sticks to keep the edges together and pegged over the top.

I hope you give the back to back method a try.  Let me know if you find the instructions confusing, Angela x

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Glue Books

When I was young I had a scrapbook, like a lot of children.  A book for sticking in things like favourite pictures and other odd things.  Maybe some writing, no rules!  Now “Scrapbook” means something different and I discovered a new term for a slightly more grownup version of what I used to do as a child.  I came across an article on Gomakesomething about Glue Books.  All you need is a book (composition book, old book, new book, anything with pages!) and glue you are comfortable with.  Then you stick to your hearts content and add writing if you want to.  The blog Vintage Journals considers glue books to go hand in hand with junk journals, in that you collect things like bus tickets, bits cut from magazines, vintage pictures etc.  The Craftersworkshop  uses her own fabulous handmade books, complete with stencilling, paint, geli prints and then does her glueing.

There seems to be an overlap with art journals, junk journals, journals and glue books, but I think glue books sounds like the less demanding of them all.  Having decided to have a go and rather liking the Craftersworkshop version, I gather together four 12 x 12 papers, the inexpensive kind!

I first added some gesso to the papers to tone them all down, (top left), then with two papers I glued a paper napkin down and topped it with a layer of gesso (top right).   With the other two papers I used a brayer and some paint.  So at this stage I have two painted papers (bottom row) and two textured papers drying for the next stage.  The plan is to cut the papers to 12 x 6 and make a back to back book.  Tomorrow I hope to finish off the book and start gluing. 

I have had a huge tidy in my craftroom and here it is in all its tidyness! :

I can't guarantee how long it will stay that way :)

See you soon with more of my glue book x