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Latest crafting and antique shop finds

Remember the master boards I was doing the other day?  See here for a reminder.  I decided to make a little book with them.  I spent the morning "auditioning" papers, put together a duct tape book (reminder here).  I did a fair bit of deciding on what to do next.  So far I only have the first page done.  I mounted my piece of master board on tea dyed paper and placed that on to a postmark paper.  On the opposite side is more tea dyed paper.  I also inserted lace under the book covers to tie with.

I passed a little antique type shop with a few wares outside on a table and spotted these playing cards.  I just love the roses on the back of one set, and the kings and queens are brilliant for journals and such.

A shop further down the road had this old book, which has some lovely pictures inside.

Finally this is Red pondering on the unfairness of life, she just can't get into the cupboard where her dinner is :)

Ladies Home Journal Vol 6, with free girl image

I downloaded some pages from the Ladies Home Journal Vol 6 from Wiki.  As you can see the page was rather dark,  I did some workwith it in PSE and produced the picture of the young girl below.

I think she is rather beautiful, I hope you like her.

I have visitors at the moment so I am staying out of my craft room :) See you soon Angela x

Masterboard plus freebie

I started another masterboard today, it was going really well and then I messed up when I was stenciling flowers.  Now when I mess up my "go to" is gesso!  I applied it over the problem areas with a sponge, then added a little purple, also with the sponge.  This was at a stage I was happy, I added paint first then a layer of paper napkin (the middle layer with just a faint hint of a pattern).  This gives a great texture.

After I had sponged over the gesso and some paint, getting rid of my undesirable areas, I added pieces of napkin.  I sponged more gesso very lightly over the flowers so they blended in to the background more.

Here are a couple of closeups .

I know I am biased, but simply gorgeous!
For you today I have a vintage advertisement :

Hope you all has a great weekend, Agnela x

Masterboard and freebie

Today I have been "playing" with paint and stuff :)  I wanted to make a masterboard  to cut up for a book.  What is a masterboard?  Basically a largish piece of art that you intend to use part or parts of in something else, ATC's for example or a background for another piece of art.   I got the idea of using one for a book when I saw this post , the blog is called Felix The Crafty Cat and the owner is called Angela too :)

You can use anything for this, paint, inks, stamping, collage.  I haven't done one for ages.  I started with paints and a roller, then I used a piece of kitchen towel to take off some of the white and leave a pattern.

For the second layer I used 2 different paper napkins and a little more white paint:

Then I got out some Tim Holtz crackle paint.  Some colours were very thick and I applied it with a spatula, the pewter was very gloopy and didn't spread very well.  I bought the crackle paint as a "job lot" and I didn't have the right co…

Cow with newborn calf plus freebies

One site we stayed at was on a farm and we were next to a field with almost ready to give birth mothers.  Although you may think mother hood and birth is a natural process (which it usually is) it is a surprising long time before the calf is up and feeding.  They have to try and stand with their mother knocking them off balance by licking them and then work out which end of their mother to go to for milk.
This is one set of photographs I took which I put together as a gif, thinking a display of photographs might be a bit boring! 

I have another set of photographs I have yet to work on and that set includes the baby calf being born.

I have two freebies for you.  First a sticker I created from a photograph my husband took last year:

This one is from an Aesops Fables book, can't quite remember the story :)

Last but not least a little joke! 

Q: Why do cows have hooves instead of feet?
A: Because they lactose.

I thought it was funny, see you soon, Angela x

The Stag Inn Freebie

It has been quite a while since I posted anything, I have had Internet problems in most areas we have been to this year.  Next year I shall get unlimited data so I don't have to rely on hotspots, although it is surprising how many areas still have poor Internet coverage.  In the first part of our holiday I made over 200 cards!  Then we had two weeks away with two of our grandchildren, which was wonderful!  
To celebrate being back in blogland I am having a week full of freebies!  This first one is created using a photograph I took of a pub sign.  The wrought iron frame surrounding the picture needed a fair bit of work in PSE as it couldn't be seen very clearly.

I keep thinking of Christmas when I look at it, although in itself it is not Christmassy!  It's good to be back, I hope you are enjoying your summer, Angela x