New pages and paper clip embellishment (1)

I designed some pages for my new journal,  I wanted the images just be background images so I faded them a little.  It seemed  a good idea at the time, but now I'm not so sure :)   I gave some of the pages lines for journaling.

After watching  a couple of tutorials on paper clip embellishments I thought I would have a go.  I had quite a few mulberry paper circles that I has had for ages.  I decided to cover them with fabric using the sewing machine and discovered I do not have good sewing machine skills :(   My lines were very much off, so much so that I binned all of them!  The tutorial I saw used hot glue guns, but I used doubled sided tape.  I lay double sided tape on strips of paper a little wider than the paperclip.  Taking the double sided tape back just a little, I pushed the paper under the paperclip (1), folded it over and up the other side (2).  Then I got a second piece of paper, again with just a little tape peeled back and pushed this under the other side of the paperclip (3).  Fold this over and up the other side and trim a little short of the top (4).  Take the top piece over and slightly overlap the bottom piece.  The paperclip is now completely covered, it clips over a page (5) and is now ready to decorate to match your page colours or theme.  The paper provides a good surface to embellish.

Hoping to finish these tomorrow.  Until next time take care x

Easy Duct Tape Journal Tutorial updated

The above two journals were made with duct tape as the binder that holds the pages together.  I used a silver grey duct tape for the above which I then covered with black acrylic paint and also painted all the edges as I did not want the design of the paper showing.  I did discover the acrylic paint didn't cover the duct tape very well in places, so I went over it again.  The paint tended to be a bit flaky on the spine, but I actually liked the effect.

This diagram shows how the pages are put together.  First decide on your pages sizes, the top ones were 6 x 6 inches when folded so 12 x 6 paper.  Each folded page gives you 4 sides, so the picture below shows 4 folded pages, giving 16 sides, including the covers.  It gets awkward after this point to add more pages because of the height difference, and also adding more pages will make the final journal quite bulky.

If you make yourself a base (I have used an old scoreboard, it is much easier to keep the pieces straight while you apply the tape.  I have an elastic band on the left to accommodate the increasing height of that side and a peg the other to hold that side still.  Simply lay the folded card till they almost touch (almost!) and add a strip of tape to secure.  Trim any excess and turn the right side over to the left.  Add a third folded piece the same way and then a fourth.  Take some time to check all the edges align neatly.  Below shows what the spine should look like.

(Update)  I realised that I had forgotten to mention how to finish the spine.  Using the same tape, position it over the spine with all the pages closed.  Press gently down along the spine, smooth then fold over the tape on each side.  Do not stretch the tape as you do this.
When you place the book face down (a real no no for a bought book!)  you will see it lies quite flat.  The spine can be inked or painted and the cover pages will need an extra layer to make them stronger, then the cover can be decorated.

I bought some cheap paper to start with which I am still using up.  There was a huge difference in cost between this paper (£2.99) and the better stuff £12 - £30), but if your paper was beautiful to start with, you could go straight to decorating your pages.  I have used a brown paper tape for this, it seems strong enough.  Any wide duct tape would do and you can even get black tape which I think would be ideal.

Join me next time when I will showing some pages.