PU or CU explanation

PU means for your personal use only, CU means commercial use so you can sell it.  The term applies mostly to graphic designs that you buy or get for free online.   Some naughty people - referred to as Pirates! - take other people's stuff and put it on their own websites/blogs and either sell it or give it away.   If you put PU on items, it doesn't always stop the naughty people, but informs others that they can only use it for themselves.   The designs I get from other sites which allow me to alter the design,  are not mine unless I have done considerable work on them to alter them so I like to remind people they can only use them for personal use.  Public Domain items are often sold by companies on CD and online,  often they haven't actually done anything to improve them and yet still insist they "own" the designs and copyright them.  Any Public Domain image that you find on a site that says it is Public Domain, you are free to use or sell, but not otherwise.  To make matters more complicated, countries have their own copyright laws, so what is Public Domain in America is not necessarily Public Domain in the UK.

There are an amazing amount of talented people giving their designs away on the Internet, designs which may have taken them hours to do.  All they ask is for a nice comment in return.  If you have a particular design that you would to see here on Free on Friday, please let me know in the comments and I will do my best to oblige.  Take care x

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