Friday, 3 August 2018

Free on Friday 3rd August 2018

A warm welcome to another Free on Friday.  August has arrived and with it the wasps!  Ever since I got stung when I was about ten, I have had a fear of wasps.  Although my mother had told me if I kept still they wouldn't hurt me, this particular wasp had not listened to my mother.  It stung me twice for good measure.  August is the month they seem to be around the most.  Do you have anything that frightens you?

I told myself some time ago to stop collecting vintage pictures, but I didn't listen either!  I have just got a large collection of Tuck Vintage scrap sets: tanks; planes; RAF; ships; sailors; the coronation; dogs; cats ; clowns and more.  Let me know if you fancy any of these. This one is from the coronation.  

I have another little girl in a bonnet for you as well.  The little girl has her face turned up, waiting for the bird to bring her a message.

I hope you like this weeks selection, have a great weekend x


Edwina said...

Angela, Thank you so much! Love these sweet little girl images. I especially am glad to have it in digi form.
Yes, I like trucks, cars, ships, cats dogs... You name it. Edwina Brown

Christine said...

Just found your blog - we are down to Devon at the end of the month.
Loving these little girl images, thank you so much for them.
The vintage tuck images have set my mind working - thank you so much. I have never heard of them but will now keep my eyes open......