Sunday, 22 July 2018

Index card using stencils

I have done a batch of index cards, first using acrylic paint, letting them dry and then using stencils.

I was really happy with last weeks art.  Some of these I shall work further on, adding text and maybe other things as well.  I have another batch that I am just finishing.  As far as I know the Index Card a Day challenge is meant to be just that - a card a day - but I have noticed a lot of people doing batches.  I can't imagine getting all the paint and stuff out to do one!  If it is meant to be one a day then next year I might go with something different, like doing a stamped image and colouring it, or maybe doing lettering.

I think the challenge has spurred me on to do more art - someone remind me of this if I start slacking in a few months :)

See you soon x


Teresa Arsenault said...

Gorgeous! Don’t ya love stencils?

Edwina said...

Angela, These are so gorgeous! I love them!. Edwina Brown