Friday, 27 July 2018

Free on Friday 27th July 2018

A warm welcome to another Free on Friday - would you believe I thought it was Thursday today?  It's not that I didn't believe my husband when he told me it was Friday, but I just checked on my Ipad to make sure :)  I have something a bit different for you today.  This is a Tuck Card and I have given you in its original state, without the words and in a little digital stamp.   I do hope you enjoy this little lady, do let me know x


Agravette said...

Thank you! These are lovely. I can't wait to use the stamp as an embroidery pattern. So pretty!

Chi Cr said...

Adorable! Thank u!

Edwina said...

Angela, Thank you so much! I love all 3 versions. Edwina Brown

Angela Hoynes said...

So pleased you liked this weeks "free on Friday", thank you for your comments.