Friday, 20 July 2018

Colour book, Free on Friday 20 July 2018

A warm welcome to Free on Friday here at Crafting With Jack and a special welcome to my new followers.  I bought a gardening book at a charity shop the other day and it wasn't for gardening purposes :)  I decided to make a chart of my colouring pencils and my acrylic paints and also my watercolour paints, but not got that far.  I was using my colouring pencils and I used a brown which spoiled the drawing completely as it was too orange.  I did try to go over it, but wasn't happy.  So I thought I need a reminder of my colours.  On these pages I have noted make of pencil (if it wasn't Crayola) and name.  Not the best of paper to colour on and I probable should have used white paper and stuck it in.

I did the same with my acrylics.  Up to now I have simple gone by colour, but I noticed that some of my new paints were opaque, or transparent.  So I made a note of that and their numbers.

I also have some gel and texture gel that I hadn't tried before.  The medium gel was great as a glue for sticking the napkin piece and did not seem to make the ink run on the words below.  I tried the iridescent gel and a coarse texture gel.

Now as you know I have been the Index Card a Day challenge and today I did a collage and paint background, there are 12 cards underneath this, which I have now separated and trimmed to be worked on some more.

With everything else going on July seems to be slipping by, so I am a bit behind.

My lovely husband bought me a new camera and I have been trying it out.  I know you have nothing to compare it with, but the pictures are lovely and sharp compared to my last camera.  I even took this picture of a running rabbit - not so sharp I know, but I was still pleased with it.

Now for your free flower cards, I am planning something different for next week.  I hope you have been enjoying these.

Have a great weekend what ever you are doing, don't forget to say hello x


Teresa Arsenault said...

That was a smart thing to do with your coloring and painting mediums. I love the little birds on your page and that rabbit looks exactly like my Flemish Giant, Petunia.

Edwina said...

Thank you for the freebies. I think the photo of the bunny is great. So cute the bunny and dogs. Edwina Brown

Chi Cr said...

Love the pics of your dogs and the bunny! You pups are so adorable!