Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Index cards both happy and unhappy

I wish everything I created made me happy, but it doesn't, some things I try work, some things don't.  If they don't there is always gesso, but not when you are working with index cards, they are a little flimsy to cope with too much wetness.  The following four are my "happy" ones, I am particularly happy with 3 and 4.  I know my African lady has a few flaws, but I really like her.

These are my unhappy ones, I think I got the colours wrong in the first one, although I did have some fun with it in PSE which made me happy :)  -- last image.  The second one was a collage that went decidedly wrong, because I used water colour wax crayons, my sharpie's didn't want to write -- lesson learnt there.  :)

So that's me up to date with the Index card challenge - have you started yet?

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Teresa Arsenault said...

I like almost all of these, even the unhappy ones. Your African lady is lovely; the sky is spectacular. I really like the bee one too.