Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Index cards 5 and 6

I completed two Index cards today, I started them off yesterday and finished them this morning.  I have been following Mixed Media Morsels tutorials so I started these with a layer of tissue paper.  Not having any tissue paper I used a sewing pattern, so there was some lines and wording on it.  You simple paint a background, let it dry, then add glue and loosely lay the tissue paper on it. Using your finger to gently increase the folds.

That was that bit done, but I do like to keep going until I'm happy!
On one card I did a background by doodling with a pencil and then filling in the shapes with watercolour.  It was Okay but.....  So then I put a layer of tissue paper over it, ran an ink pad over it, still not happy, I thought I could see a fish in there.  I painted a dark blue around the fish "shape" - ugh!  (no picture for that) I noticed the tissue paper had lifted along the side so I ripped it off, leaving my original coloured-in background - actually I was amazed it came off cleanly.

I added another layer of tissue pattern paper then I added a layer of paper napkin.  These mice are so adorable :)  Finally I added white to the mice and the daisies, a little bit of outlining and - Happiness :)

I am going to post my mice card at the Outlawz Twisted Thursday challenge (anything goes)

Keep on crafting :)


Teresa Arsenault said...

They are both lovely. I like the early stages too

DonnaMundinger said...

Saw this on the Outlawz, Angela and just had to come look. Loved seeing the step to getting this fabulous outcome. How fun and absolutely adorable! xxD

Edwina said...

Angela, These are so pretty! Love the technique. Thanks for sharing what you did. Edwina Brown