Monday, 4 June 2018

Index cards 3 and 4

These are my Index cards 3 and 4.  Initially I used felt tip pens to do the flowers and curly leaves, but I have learnt that I don't like using Felt tip pens :)  I bought the pack to keep in my handbag for colouring in, but while they are fine for doing single lines, I don't like them for colouring.  I used a little gesso on the flowers, then redid them with watercolours.

I used a paper napkin first, then I used watercolours.  You can see the texture from the napkin.  Finally adding the butterfly.

If you are joining in the creativity, do let me know and I will come and visit your blog x


Edwina said...

Hi Angela, These are so beautiful! Love the flowers you put on your index cards. Edwina Brown

Teresa Arsenault said...

These are lovely. I really like the two different styles and kinds of flowers, yet they are similar in some respects too. You have inspired me. I have been making index card art since the weekend. I will get around to posting them soon.