Friday, 1 June 2018

Index Card a Day 2018

Today is the start of the 8th Annual Index-Card-a-Day Creative Challenge.  Go here for the starting page.  I did do some last year, but I joined rather late, so this year I am starting on day one and here is my first card.

I have loads of cards that I started last year.  I quite enjoy making backgrounds and always seem to have a stash of them needing finishing.  Some of the Index cards I started just have a coat of gesso, some have some paint or collage on them.  I am really looking forward to finishing them.

Today I have two Wildflower cards for you.

I hope you will join in with the Index Card a day challenge.


Teresa Arsenault said...

Your card is gorgeous and so inspiring. I might join in with this challenge because I already planned to make an index card organizer for my friend. Maybe I can do inspirational art on the backs of the cards and leave the lined side for her notes.

Edwina said...

Love your card! Those butterflies are fabulous. Thank you so much for the 2 floral images. They are so pretty. I am slowly trying to catch up. I have a lot to go through. Edwina Brown