Saturday, 2 June 2018

Index card 2, whimsical owl

I watched a tutorial by Kelly Cook on painting whimsical owls on vintage book paper.  I had great difficulty in finding the YouTube page again, but then I was looking for Kelly Book! :)  Anyway here is the location:

Although Kelly said she was happy for others to copy her owl, I did my wings and top of the head differently.

I managed to find a vintage book that was falling apart in a charity shop.  The lady said she was told to throw it out, but she knew someone would buy it!   I decided to do some owls in a variety of mediums.  I did this one using felt tip pens first, the colours seemed a bit strong so I gessoed over it and the ink ran.  I used a babywipe to get up some of the inky smudges.  I liked the colour much better, but needed to give it a little definition by outlining with a black marker.  Then I went over the body and face with a white chalk marker, redid some of the black lines and finally a picture my husband likes :)

This Owl I did on an Index card which I had gessoed first.  I used colouring pencils, did the black with a Sharpie Fine point marker and also used them for the wording.

See you tomorrow x


Teresa Arsenault said...

Both of your owls are adorable. I love that they seem to be winking.

Chi Cr said...

Your owls are so cute!

Edwina said...

These are so cute! Love your owls. Edwina Brown