Thursday, 10 May 2018

First Book - The Lord is My Shepherd

I have got slightly obsessed lately with watching tutorials on making albums and books.  I actually prefer step by step in photographs rather than YouTube as I can make notes more easily, but that's just me!  I finished my first one last week, but have just got round to sorting out the photographs.  I had some strips of paper left over from another project so I thought I would use them.  I devised a complicated method of working out the scoring points for each strip so I could use the whole strips.  Really or I needed to do was to make the long strip first, then the scoring would have been easier to work out - it's a learning curve :)  The book is just one very long strip folded concertina fashion, the first piece will be stuck to the cover, then the next two pieces are stuck to each other and that is the first page.  You can have as many pages as you want, but you need one piece left over to stick to the back cover.

Each page was 4 1/4 by 3 1/4, you can see where the joins are.  I inked the edges of the pages.  The pictures are from a topper pad by Pollyanna Pickering, I love her work.  As I was doing my favourite Psalm "The Lord is My Shepherd" I started and ended with a lamb with it's mother.  The other pictures are from another topper pad and from a 12 x 12 sheet paper.

If you would like me to do a tutorial please feel free to ask.

I have made some changes here at Crafting With Jack.  I have deleted all last years freebies and most posts.  I have got a new page which contains links to tutorials and similar articles.  I will also be doing a page for my Faith Art cards and stickers.

Free on Friday is tomorrow, feel free to make suggestions and I will try to find images for you  x

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Teresa Arsenault said...

This is really lovely and a dear Psalm to me as well. My grade 3 teacher had everyone in the class memorize it. I still remember reciting it to her and it has stayed with me all of these years.

A tutorial would be terrific. I am planning to teach an art journal course this summer and I would like to show my students how to make quick, easy journals that they can take with them on retreats and such.

Blessings on your day,