Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Alcohol Inks

I have a sign in my craft room that says "Don't forget to play".  This week I have been "playing" with alcohol inks.  I bought a selection from Ebay which were very reasonably priced.  There was an indigo blue, mermaid blue, meadow green, slate, currant and teak.

Now I changed printers last year and have been having some difficulty with my printing on glossy photo card.  The problem seems to be I now have an HP printer whereas before I had an Epson.  The Epson card does not work well with the HP printer. Having tried unsuccessfully with different settings I decided to put the gloss photo card to another purpose.  You are warned against using glossy photo card with alcohol inks because the coating is different, however I couldn't find anything to say what would happen so I decided to give it a go!

The first experiment I did was to put several drops of ink into a bowl of water, then dip in the card and leave to dry.  The pale ones you see are where I tried to get a second card out of each session.  I think I should have used a larger bowl with more surface area, but I was quite pleased with the results.  The second experiment was to put ink drops directly onto the wet card, you can see these are the circle ones.  The blue was very strong and it also came out with bigger drips than the others.   


Alcohol inks do not move across on photo glossy card very well.
I do not have any blending solution and I had read that rubbing alcohol works well as a replacement.  Mine was 70%, you can also get a 90% which some people felt worked better, but they were not talking about photo glossy card which is supposed to be a "no no!".

I first tried using the rubbing alcohol by placing a few drops on the sponge (I didn't have any felt squares which are supposed to be better).  After this I placed a few drops of two colours of ink and then I started dabbing it on the glossy side.  It seemed to grab the ink too much so I tried the reverse side.  This had a much better effect.  As I had the rubbing alcohol on the sponge I started getting that lovely bubbly effect straight away.


For this experiment I used kitchen foil.  I simple tore off a piece and crumpled it up, I think I should have been more gentle because as I was straightening it out again it did tear in a few places.  Since I only wanted to cover 4 x 6 card this wasn't a problem.  I used Mod Podge glue to stick the photo glossy card to the back of the foil.  I found the glue spread more easily on the reverse side of the photo glossy card.  Then I simply dripped the ink onto the foil using a sponge to move it around for better coverage.  I do realise that it probably doesn't matter what you use for the underneath of the foil, but as I have a whole pack of photo glossy card to use up, it seemed another use for it.


Wording added digitally.

This was originally in separate posts, but I have put it all in one for convenience.


Teresa Arsenault said...

The effects are all gorgeous. I like that you had a play and just experimented, even ignoring some rules. hugs, Teresa

Edwina said...

Wow! Angela, So beautiful! I love your backgrounds you made. Edwina Brown