Friday, 6 April 2018

Free on Friday 6th April 2018 and a changeable Easter

Ever wondered why Easter Sunday is such a changeable day?

As a general rule Easter Sunday falls on the first Sunday which follows the first full moon after 21st March.  The convolute system is the product of a mix of Hebrew, Roman and Egyptian culture and calendars.  The Egyptians based their calendar on the movement of the sun, which was adopted by the Roman and then Christian culture.  However Judaism used one based on the phases of the moon, which Islam also incorporates.  Easter’s date fluctuates due to an attempt to harmonise these solar and lunar calendars.  There are more than a dozen different formulas existing to calculate Easter.

In 1928 a law was actually passed to fix Easter Sunday as the Sunday following the second Saturday in April, but apparently the public didn’t like this and the law was never enforced.

We had a lovely Easter Sunday at my son’s, they had quite a houseful of visitors.  We had a shared meal - we brought the meat fresh from the oven, my son did all the vegetables and Yorkshire puddings and friends brought desert, a lovely pavlova!  I hope you enjoyed your Easter x

Now for today’s free images.  Today I have an embroidery image for you that I have been working on.  The first one has a gold outline, the second is black for you to colour and the third is the coloured version.  I do hope you like these.

See you soon x

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Edwina said...

Thank you for the images. My Easter was in the hospital. So glad to be home and trying to get better. Edwina Brown