Friday, 20 April 2018

Free on Friday 20 April 2018

Welcome to another Free on Friday, today has been warm and sunny here in North Wales.  The ponds are full of tiny wriggling tadpoles and yesterday I had a wonderful surprise - the one fish that I have in one of my ponds is alive and well!!

This what he/she looks like and is almost impossible to spot amongst the plants in the pond.  Quite a few years ago I bought 5 very small ones, this is the only one left and is now the length of my hand.  We have bought quite a few goldfish over the years, some have died, but most have just "disappeared".

On to today's free images.  This is one of Briggs embroidery images and I have given you a coloured version too.

Enjoy your weekend x


Teresa Arsenault said...

What a pretty little fish. You are so blessed to have ponds. I have always wanted a fish pond with frog gives and the like. I’m glad you are able to enjoy such a delightful thing and the nice weather too.
Blessing hugs,

Edwina said...

Thank you for the freebies. Edwina Brown