Friday, 2 March 2018

Free on Friday 2nd March 2018

Today I have a Christmas card from Tuck Company.  The first picture is the top of the card, it opened out by lifting the four flaps, which revealed the second image, the inside.  The third image is the back of the card.  A card for leaning against the wall, instead of standing up by itself.  I love the subtle colouring of this card.  I have tidied up the images, apart from the Christmas verse, the images could be used for any occasion.  They are all 6 x 6 inches.

If you use any of my images I would love to see what you have made.  Send your photographs to the email at the top of the page, without the spaces of course.

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Edwina said...

Thank you. I believe the 2 pieces with just a design would make great cards and journal pages. Edwina Brown