Friday, 16 March 2018

Free on Friday 16 March 2018, album and digital art

 Welcome to Free on Friday,  I have been having lots of crafty fun this week.  I wanted to make some mixed media paper for a mini album.  I covered both sides of two 12 x 12 papers with paper napkins, gesso, paint and sprays.  I was using my heat gun for drying between layers and over heated it, now it doesn't work - I shall not do that again :(   The next day my sheets were totally dry and I made a mini album.

Mini Album

Having taken photographs of the mixed media sheets, I started with an idea of using a silhouette against the background.  I cut out a horse from a photograph to make the silhouette.  From then it developed into the following picture.  I changed the colour of the background to make each horse.  I just love how my work takes on a life of it's own sometimes :)

On to today's free images.  It is St Patrick's Day tomorrow and I hope you like the selection I have put together for you.

 The frogs in my garden have been croaking merrily and my ponds are full of frogspawn.  It has rained so much yesterday and today I will not be surprised if they lay eggs in the wet areas of the lawn!  We may be in for some more snow over the weekend, the frog spawn should be safe as long as the temperature does drop too low for too long.  We even have some tadpoles left from last year, I imagine they will be the first to leave the pond.  Thank you for visiting, take care till next time x


Teresa Arsenault said...

Great mini album. I love how you used the horse mask on different colours of papers.

Nana Connie said...

I love all the St. Pat's vintage images, Angela, especially since it's also my birthday! :-D
Thank you.

Edwina said...

These are fabulous St Patrick's day images. Thank you so much! Edwina Brown