Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Outlawz and Dragonslair FB Challenges

Today I am showing you the results of my busy crafting week (and these aren't all of my efforts!) .  The wild rose flowers were from The Outlawz  Progressive Thursday Challenge, the sunflowers from the Special Challenge at the Outlawz and the bunny from Dragons Lair FaceBook group.  Since I am trying to improve my colouring pencil skills, I used colouring pencils for the images, then photographed and imported them to my laptop apart from the Sunflowers which I backed with purple card. 

Then I made some digital backgrounds, which I was very happy with.

I made a suitcase for the bunny to sit on out of digital paper,  and other bits that I customised.  I think I might try making a stacking set!

The theme for this card was "sunshine" which is always good to see whatever the time of year.  Join me for Free on Friday tomorrow and if the weather conditions are bad where you are, keep warm x

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Chi Cr said...

Pretty cards! Love your bunny cards!!! :)