Sunday, 18 February 2018

New Album part 1

I decided to have a go at making a album, in my usual crazy way, I watched several tutorials, decided on two different types and made my first one today.  I have my friend Vanessa coming round tomorrow to make one, so I thought I would check I knew how before I showed her :)  We had decided on an 8 x 8 album so the first thing I did was to cut the cardboard for the cover.  I used the cardboard from cereal boxes.
The measurements are 2 pieces of 8 1/4 inches square and 1 piece 8 1/4 inches by 1 3/4 inches.  I used two 12 x 12 papers for the cover and 2 for the inside cover.  Score one inch in for the outside cover, fold over and crease.  Place the board up to the line with equal distance top and bottom and glue down.  Fold in the top and bottom and crease, then fold in spine side and crease.  Mitre the corners by cutting diagonally across leaving 1/8 inch by the tip.  Leaving spine side, fold over other sides and glue down.  Leaving a narrow gap glue down spine, cut off flaps of spine and surplus.  Make other side in the same way except mark the gap, leave the flaps on and enough surplus to nearly fit across the spine.  Glue the two side together up to the mark you made.

Cut two pieces for the inside cover making sure there is no overlap on the spine or crease.

To make the pages cut six pieces 9 inches x 8.  Score at 8 inches and 8 1/4.  Crease the ends to give the shape below.

The first piece is the front, add double sided tape and glue to the next page as shown.  Keep adding the pages sticking the last flap to the back inside cover (not the spine).

Add double sided tape to the spines of the pages and starting at the back, press each one down  on to the spine of the inside cover.

Now of course it needs decorating.   I hope this inspires you to have ago.  Till next time, take care x

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Teresa Arsenault said...

Good job. This is beautiful. hugs, Teresa