Friday, 16 February 2018

Free on Friday 16 February 2018

A warm welcome to another Free on Friday.  Before I show you today's free images I thought I would show you my tidy craftroom.  I have spent the past two weeks sorting , getting rid of some stuff and trying to ensure that I haven't got the same type of things stored in several different places!

My room is not very big and it is filled with a lot of stuff, I can't promise to keep it like this, but I feel quite satisfied with my achievements.

My husband is working on shoe storage under the stairs.
On to today's free images:

 This one has had the phrase removed.  Have a great weekend and take care, till next time x


Teresa Arsenault said...

Good for you for tidying up your craft space. When mine gets out of control, I actually find it hard to create. Looking around, I need to do a bit of a tidy up myself. :)

Very clever use of the usually wasted space under the stairs. That will be quite handy.

hugs, Teresa

Chi Cr said...

Great job with your room! I have a hard time keeping mine clean; too much stuff everywhere! lol....

Edwina said...

Love your craft room. Wish mine was so neat. Thank you for the images. They are so sweet. Edwina Brown