Thursday, 4 January 2018

Review on some Colouring pencils

I had been given a load of craft bits and all I had left was a set of 36 colouring pencils.  They were unbranded and I was going to let the grandchildren use them.  I thought I would try them myself as the grandchildren are not keen on colouring pencils, they prefer the more vibrant felt tip pens.  I can't say I blame them having tried this set.

I tried all the makes of pencil I own.  The unbranded set were very pale on the white paper, a little more noticeable on the black, they were very scratchy to use.  The crayola which I normally use are much creamier and did fairly well on both white and black.  I have a set of watercolour pencils - they just say "Start Watercolour" on the side so I included those.  They were better than the unbranded and were "so so" as watercolour.  The Derwent Aquatone have better colour and they are better for watercolour too.

I had read about using baby oil so I gave that a try along with a proper solvent blender.  I didn't like the mark left by both products and while I could see the effect I wasn't impressed.

The above set are a Metallic set of 12 I bought in the Pound Shop for, you guessed it - £1.00   The name on them is "Hue"  I saw them on Amazon for £3.46.  I wasn't expecting much except they would be metallic.  Well there was not a trace of metallic in them.  The orange and brown were very scratchy, but the other colours were much better than the unbranded and they were quite good on the black.

I have just ordered some Colourista from "The Works" in the sale and also a packet of Daler Rowney Simply Coloured Pencil Set of 12 (I didn't actually mean to order these, but put them in the basket as I wanted to look at them!).  The Colourista were £3 for 8 and the Daler Rowney also £3.  I have read the reviews of the very expensive makes and all the reviews are mixed with one preferring one make over the other.  Although I have no doubt I would find the very expensive makes wonderful  and if anybody wants to send me free samples I would be delighted., I can't afford them at the moment.  I will be trying the Colourista and the Daler Rowney when they arrive.

Quality is everything whatever you are doing,  you get better results from quality products.  Sometimes price is a clue, but not always.  At the end of day though the only person that needs pleasing is yourself.  I could not enjoy working with the very cheap ones, my Crayola are good, but I would like better.  So what do you think??

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