Friday, 26 January 2018

Review on some colouring pencils, part 2

I was out yesterday and bought two packs of colouring pencils costing £1.99 and £2.99.  I have been trying out the cheaper end of the market. The result is below.  You see the cheapest ones at the top were really awful.  The Crayola, which are the ones I use normally came out the best.

 I also ordered some in "The Works" sale last week.  Colourista from Crafter's Companion and Daler Rowney.  The Daler Rowney were not as good as the Crayola and the Colourista were about the same as the Crayola.  The two packs I bought yesterday were both good.  The Noris ( Staedtler) £2.99 had an odd plastic feel to them, but worked well and the Hobby World ones at £1.99 were metallic (on the left) and they worked "okay" on black,  the colour range was not so good as there didn't seem much difference between the colours.

So you can get fairly good quality pencils on the cheaper end of the price range and I found that most of the companies offer sometimes three different qualities of pencil.   I think if colouring is a big part of your art, go for the expensive ones - although the reviews on them are surprisingly varied.  Otherwise try the medium range, most companies offer small packs which are easier on your pocket when you are trying different ones.

Until next time, take care x


Nana Connie said...

Good information on the coloring pencils, Angela, and I like that you gave us photos of your sample boards. The freebies are delightful! Thank you so much. :-D

Edwina said...

Thank you for the images. I have not heard of these pants. I appreciate the information on the pencils. Edwina Brown