Thursday, 14 December 2017

Don't like the paper - change it!

This is a short tutorial to show you how turn a paper you don't like into something fabulous.  What I wanted to do was cut out some Christmas tree shapes.  I started with the paper on the left, I just don't care for it, but the paper quality is good.  I used an embossing folder and then used a sandpaper block to take off the top surface, but I still wasn't happy, so I turned it over and brushed on two colours of Metallic Gilding Polish.  Now I was happy!   I cut out my Christmas tree shapes and the Merry Christmas adding the gilding polish to that as well.  I thought they were fabulous!

I put the rest of the card together and wanted to use the bauble diecut but it was the wrong colour and I didn't feel the shape of the trees fitted in with the rest of the design.  So I trimmed my Christmas trees to give them more of a tree shape and used purple gilding polish so they matched the bauble.  Then I had to change the colour on the Merry Christmas, I used gold and cream.  Finally adding some gold to the background and the gold bow.

So if you have paper you don't like - do something with it, especially if it good quality.  You can even stamp images on the back if it is white.

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Edwina said...

These are all so pretty! I love snow folks. You did a great job making them of fabric. I wonder why I am not getting all your posts. I hope I can figure it out. Edwina Brown