Sunday, 17 September 2017

Resizing a digital stamp tutorial

This is a tutorial on changing the size and ppi on a digital image in Photoshop Elements.  I can't show you the whole image because of copyright.  There are various reasons why images don't download at the correct ppi.  Sometimes people save the preview for example.  It goes without saying you shouldn't download anything without permission.   Marks on images can occur when saved at a too low resolution and if you print them out to colour you probably won't even see them.  This image is magnified and hard to see even now, but if you are resizing they can be a problem.

Around this image there is a lot of shadowing, not caused by the artist. And the image is only 72 ppi.  Click on Image > Resize > Image size and you will see the screen below.

Change the 72 to 300 and press OK.  You can also change the size here, but we will do that later.

In order to get rid of the shadowing, press Enhance > Adjust Colour .> Replace Colour and a box will appear with a little eyedropper.

Point the eyedropper on a shadowy area.  Then slide the lightness button all the way to +100

All shadowy areas gone!

Now go back to Image > Resize > Image size and change the size.  The width and height in mine are shown in inches, but if you press the downwards arrow you can change this to centimetres.  If your version is older/newer it might be slightly different.  I must add if your original image is too small you may not be able to enlarge it to the size you want without distortion.

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