Saturday, 23 September 2017

Creating a stained glass effect

I tried drawing a stained glass pattern by hand:

This was my first attempt, trying to draw the pieces.  Then I had the idea of using the Stained Glass filter in PSE.  Almost any picture will do for this if all you want is the outlines.  I went for the biggest cells and these are the outline and coloured versions.

I used the sponge filter in PSE to give a vintage effect.

I added some flowers and leaves that I made.

Then I added a quote from Psalm 103.

I decided to outline my flowers and leaves with a cream colour.
You welcome to all or any of today's images.  Thank you for visiting, please say hello in the comments x


Teresa Arsenault said...

That looks really sweet, Angela. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Teresa

Edwina said...

Hi Angela, I know the feeling about working on the craft room. I am at my brother's so when I go home I will need to do some too. Especially since I bought some stuff while here. Thank you for the freebies. Edwina Brown