Friday, 14 April 2017

Free on Friday and why is it Good Friday?

Today is Good Friday, for me it is the saddest day of the year.  The day they crucified Jesus.  Why on earth is it called "Good Friday"?  In Germany it is called Karfreitag (Sorrowful or Mourning Friday), which seems entirely more appropriate.
It is thought the word "good" as applied to Good Friday is either a corruption of "God's Friday" or related to the word "Holy".    It is also "good" in terms of being beneficial, Jesus died for us.  It is a day to think about the how and why of Jesus' death.  I am so thankful for Easter Sunday!

                                  Free on Friday

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Edwina said...

Is it not Good that Jesus died for us? If he had not there would be no Christians. The Jews would still be the only ones serving God. Yes, it is sad that Jesus died such an awful death, but at the same time he gave us freedom from sin, he redeemed our souls. He gave us peace. So instead of being sad, be thankful. I know I sure am. I would hate to think what I might be if it were not for Jesus.
Lovely Easter images today. Thank you. Edwina Brown

Teresa Arsenault said...

I like the German word better too. Even though I am infinitely grateful for the sacrifice Jesus made, it grieves me to think of his suffering. I think grief is an important element of my salvation. Just as the pain of childbirth is a reminder of the value of each of my sons; yet it is the joy of holding each for the first time that stands out in my memory. Grieving for the suffering of my precious Lord on Friday allows me to rejoice all the more on Resurrection Sunday. He is risen! He is risen indeed!

Thank you for the lovely printables.

Nana Connie said...

These are such marvelous freebies, Angela, and I love that you made them available for us. Amidst all the bunnies and chicks and eggs, it's good to remember the true reason for the season.