Thursday, 20 April 2017

A few more cards and a challenge

I have done a few more cards today - amazing what you can get done when your husband is out for the day!  He has been helping redecorate my son's house and has been out all week.

A little challenge for you.  Post a picture of your craft room when you are in the middle of creating.  Add your link to your post so I can come and see your photographs.  This is what my craft room looks like when I am creating.  I think maybe this will go, get some stuff out, not quite right - get some more stuff out - not really - get some more stuff out.  It does all get put away again when I have finished, I use the floor space too.  Is it the way I have stuff stored that makes everything so difficult - do you have a better way?  Let me know - please!

I look forward to some helpful answers or at least pictures of rooms like mine so I know I am not alone :)     Join me tomorrow for Free on Friday x


Nana Connie said...

Oh, you're definitely not alone, my friend! I do the same thing. I don't think it's a matter of how things are stored or organized - I think it's our brain's need to to see all the possibilities laid out before final choices are made. At least you get it all put away afterward. Sometimes, a good share of my stuff stays out in case I might need it for the next project. :-D Love the cards, by the way!

Teresa Arsenault said...

I don't have a pic for you yet, but I had to let you know how much I admire your cards. I really like how you arrange the different images.
hugs, Teresa