Thursday, 23 March 2017

Marker Pen Storage Boxes

 It is recommended that most pens should be stored horizontally, so my promarkers were stored at the bottom of my colouring bag, where it was difficult to reach them and impossible to see which colour I was getting out!  Not very convenient!  So I tried to think of a method that was both accessible and ensured the pens were horizontal.  I came up with this double box.  The outer box sits in my bag, open end at the top, the inner box slides inside with the opening on the side.  Quick and easy to get my pens out and use :)

I have to confess that my first inner box didn't work because it was too tight a fit by the time I had added layers of card and paper.  I used a cut down cereal box and a biscuit box for this project.  I also missed out Step Four because I didn't think about it at the time.

Step 1 - Choose your boxes, remember you don't want a tight fit               and the open end of the inner box will be on the side.
Step 2 - Carefully open the seams at the side and bottom of the                 box.  Measure the height you need and trim your boxes                     accordingly.
Step 3 - Choose your papers/card to cover the boxes and to do                 the inside if you want to.  The thicker the layers the more                 sturdy your boxes will be.
Step 4 - This step is important for accuracy and neatness and to be           honest it makes it easier.  Measure the length and width,                   score where the folds are and cut your corners out.

It is unlikely your paper will go all the way around in one piece.  I like to start at one edge and go round as far as I can with it.  If your paper is patterned you will probably have to think about matching it up.  

Step 5 - If you are doing the inside do the inside first, then re-glue           your box together.  I used double-sided tape.
Step 6 - Glue or stick the outside paper/card.  I used double-sided             tape around all the edges and PVA glue in the middle area.
Step 7- Decorate as preferred.  I tied ribbon around to make it                   easier to get the box out.
Step 8 - Fill with pens and admire your handiwork!

See you tomorrow for Free on Friday xx


Spyder said...

Great Idea.

Nana Connie said...

I'm definitely going to copy this idea, Angela! I was so intrigued by this project when I first saw it over on Outlawz. Thanks for sharing it. :-D

Teresa Arsenault said...

Your box is ultra sweet and such a clever project too. hugs, Teresa

Edwina said...

Hi Angela, I love your box so much! It is so cute. The stamped images are adorable. I love looking at them. I know you enjoy it. Edwina Brown