Friday, 10 March 2017

Free on Friday 10 March 2017

Welcome to Free on Friday at Crafting With Jack.  We have a bright morning here, two of the ponds are full of frogspawn and primroses are out.   At night you can hear the frogs singing, I took a torch out to see if I could see them, but a splash and they were gone.  They did start singing again as soon as I was indoors :)

There is a lovely little song called "A Froggie Did A Courtin' Go", which was sung first in the 1950's.  The tale of the Frog and the Mouse goes back a lot earlier.  R. Caldecott's book has one version, apparently there have been quite a few.  I have to admit I was rather carried away with this topic this morning.  I wanted to find Johnny Cash singing it, but I was not able to, so I have put another version.

I have some frog pictures for you today.  The first was a tiny clip art image that I have edited.  The pictures are from Tuck Postcards.

I hope you enjoyed today's post, till next time take care.


Teresa Arsenault said...

How sweet! I love your little froggy and saved him to my archives.
hugs, Teresa

Sue Kimmet said...

The song brings back memories, always loved it. Thanks for the cute images, especially your joyously leaping froggie. Wonderful!

Edwina said...

Angela, We had snow on Friday. We are supposed to get 12 inches on this coming Tuesday. It was acting like Spring but old man winter is not ready to leave yet.
I always liked that song and story. It appealed to me as a kid. I guess I still do. Thank you so much for the images. So nice to have a change. Edwina Brown

Chi Cr said...

Thank you for the cute frog!!! The frog postcards are really neat! :)

Nana Connie said...

I absolutely adore all your frogs this morning, Angela! I remember that song and my mother had sheet music from the 20s of it. What a great post. :-D

Angela Hoynes said...

Thank you so much ladies for your lovely comments x