Saturday, 4 March 2017

Alcohol Inks part 2

Welcome to Crafting With Jack and part 2 of my alcohol inks experiments.  (Part 1 is here)The back grounds below have been done on the reverse side of photo glossy card. I also used a different method.

Alcohol inks do not move across on photo glossy card very well.
I do not have any blending solution and I had read that rubbing alcohol works well as a replacement.  Mine was 70%, you can also get a 90% which some people felt worked better, but they were not talking about photo glossy card which is supposed to be a "no no!".

I first tried using the rubbing alcohol by placing a few drops on the sponge (I didn't have any felt squares which are supposed to be better).  After this I placed a few drops of two colours of ink and then I started dabbing it on the glossy side.  It seemed to grab the ink too much so I tried the reverse side.  This had a much better effect.  As I had the rubbing alcohol on the sponge I started getting that lovely bubbly effect straight away.

I really love the effect the rubbing alcohol has on the ink.  If you let the card dry, you can reactivate the ink with another spray of rubbing alcohol. I wanted to make the bubble effect more even, but it "does it's own thing"!  I kept the window open while I was doing this and used a tissue over my nose during any spraying - just in case!

Join me for the final part of my experiments tomorrow x


Nana Connie said...

WOW! These are even more wonderful than the first ones, Angela. You really have inspired me. :-D

Edwina said...

Angela, These papers are gorgeous! Love them a lot! They would make really pretty card backgrounds. Edwina Brown

Teresa Arsenault said...

These are looking very lovely.