Monday, 20 February 2017

Got a camera on your phone? --Tutorial

Do you take pictures with your mobile phone?  When I am getting a new phone, the first I want to know is what the camera is like.  I don't see the point of having an expensive phone if the camera is useless - but that's just me :)   My phone fits in my handbag and comes everywhere with me - except when I forget it :(    If I see something that interests me I take a photograph.  Sometimes I get an idea, but if I don't take that photograph I forget what the idea was, sometimes I see something I can work with.  These are my recent snaps:

All but one from pub pictures and restaurants.  If I can't get up fairly close without annoying another customer I don't do it.  Depending on the position of lights etc, reflections can be a problem.  The deer/woman was in a dark corner so the flash came on.  You can see how dark it is without the flash.  Email yourself the photographs taking car to choose maximum quality, and download them to your computer.

I have PS Elements 11, so these guidelines may need altering for your program.

With each picture you will need to alter the size and change to 300 resolution.  Some pictures are easier to work with than others.  I like my background colour set to white.

The original has some reflections in it which need dealing with first.  I selected and copied small areas of the wheels and pasted them over the shiny bits.  The next thing I did was to use the selection tool, unclick "contiguous", this means that where ever that colour is, it will be selected.  Hold "shift" down as you add colours to your selection.  You will find that there are many different shades of the colour which all need selecting.   By zooming in you can see which areas are not yet selected.  When you are happy with your selection, press control and x.  You can see at once if you have missed some areas - no problem, press control and z to go back one step. Hold "shift" down again and add the missed areas.  You can repeat this until you have got all the areas.  A final control and x, then go to File, New, Image from clipboard.  This will put your selection in a new file.

 At this point you can save your file, you can see I had a little area of background too.  
This is what was left behind and is equally gorgeous, so save this too!
You can select the background instead,  use select,inverse and fill the area with black.
This one didn't need much doing at all.

I hope this has been of use to you.  Any questions please ask.
See you soon x

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Teresa Arsenault said...

How clever you are! I rarely carry a phone and don't think I have ever used its camera either. But you are right. Sometimes I see something that sparks an idea for a craft or a painting. If I took a snap of it, I would be able to use it later. I often see faces in floor or wall tiles.