Friday, 27 January 2017

Free On Friday 27th January 2017

Welcome to Free on Friday, it is a cold, slightly windy morning in Wales.  We are almost at the end of January and guess where my husband plans to take me?  The seaside!  We have friends staying and he is always thinking of somewhere to take our visitors.  The upside is I know there is a craft shop where we are going :) 

Yesterday I was working on something new - digital, I was really pleased with the progress and I saved my work both in png and psd format as the machine wanted to do an update.  When the machine restarted despite searching long and hard, the psd file was nowhere to be seen and the png file was corrupt and wouldn't open!  Now that's a first for me - goodness knows what went wrong, but I am now in the process of starting again.

Today I have for you two Flower Children and two Bird Children pages.  I am working on some more circles, if you missed them last week check back for them.  A few weeks ago I posted some Flower Children that hadn't been edited so they were probably small files.  I apologize for those and will be posting the redone versions soon.

Have a great weekend and see you soon x  

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Edwina said...

Angela, Thank you for the images. Sorry to hear you lost your items on the computer. I have lost stuff lately too when updates are done. Computers are great when they work right. Have fun at the seaside. Edwina Brown

Teresa Arsenault said...

What a disappointment to lose that image. I can well imagine how you feel. Thanks for sharing these. Hugs, Teresa