Friday, 20 January 2017

Free on Friday 20 January 2017

Welcome to another Free on Friday!  I have been really busy dividing my time between designing, preparing a new art journal and studying the Old Testament and also watching Supernatural from the beginning :)  my those boys look so young :)

I use my phone camera when I am out to take pictures of anything that interests me.  We were having a meal out and I took a photograph of a chair in the restaurant.  I could see that butterfly in there.  The butterfly then became an owl.

I also have been working on some circle motifs for Bible journaling, scrapbooking, cards - whatever :)  Here are the first ones and they are yours on "Free on Friday", hope you like them.

These are intended to be printed as two inch or less circles.  Come back tomorrow for some more xx


Edwina said...

Hi Angela, These are all so pretty. Love the owl and butterfly. The circles would be pretty printed off small and made into buttons or brads. Thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown

Teresa Arsenault said...

Well aren't you clever! I love how you drew a butterfly and then an owl from what you glimpsed in a fabric pattern. I often see faces in floor or wall tiles. Perhaps I should start taking pics so I can later draw what I have seen. It is a marvelous idea.

Your drawings are all fabulous. Thanks for sharing the circle motifs.

Blessing hugs,