Friday, 25 November 2016

Free on Friday 25 November 2016

Hello to all my visitors, you are most welcome.  Humble apologies to my regular visitors for not posting last week and since it is now 11:43 in the UK I am almost late for this week.  I have been doing my second assignment for my Theology Degree course and having all sorts of problems!  I finally finished it about 5 minutes ago :)   

This week I have an assortment for you which I hope you will enjoy and find a use for in your own projects.

I do like to delete previous freebies every few months.  I like to give a large file as sometimes I have found the downloads come up smaller than actual size.  Large files can cause problems with opening web pages so I try to avoid that by deleting them.   I know not everybody has these super fast broadband speeds - I actually don't know anybody who does!!  Enjoy your weekend x

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Teresa Arsenault said...

Thanks for sharing these lovelies, Angela. I'm glad to hear you are plugging away at your theology degree.